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"Richard Nixon And Louisiana!" Written by: Jim Brown, host of Jim Brown's Common Sense on GCNlive.com.

“Forty years ago this week, Richard Nixon became the first and only president to resign from office. Those of you too young to remember the events surrounding Watergate missed one of the most riveting episodes of American history. 140 more words

A President's press conference for the ages

A President’s press conference for the ages

by Jon Rappoport

July 18, 2014


It was a cloudy day in Washington. They said it was going to rain. 2,670 more words

Short Stories

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What Constitution did President Obama Teach?

What Constitution did President Obama Teach?Townhall.com ^ | July 28, 2014 | Shawn MitchellPosted on 7/28/2014, 1:42:54 PM by KaslinBarack Obama famously

declared that as a former teacher of Constitutional law, he actually respects the Constitution, unlike his predecessor in the Oval Office. 116 more words

Alternate News

POTUS never off the clock

Wait for it. The critics are sure to climb all over this one: President Obama is going to raise money for Democratic Senate candidate while he’s vacationing with his family at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. 244 more words

Take ownership, not possession

Every now and then a politician and/or a pundit with whom I disagree offers a nugget of perspective that I find, well, agreeable.

Such was the case recently in a commentary written for CNN by a former speaker of the U.S. 409 more words

So surreal

I had been looking for something on YouTube and came across JohnF.Kennedy Jr.

It’s almost 15 years since he took that fateful plane ride that cost him his life, along with the lives of his wife,Carolyn Bissette and her sister,Lauren. 131 more words