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oval wall print ~ Fairy Portal

This photograph was taken on a particularly foggy autumn morning.  The contrast of rusty-colored dried oak leaves and the ghostly-blue of the mist really drew my eye.  83 more words


oval wall print ~ Dream Flowers

Coming upon a field of these sweet little yellow flowers, I photographed the field as a whole, as well as getting right up close to see each petal. 91 more words


oval wall print ~ Busy Honey Bee

I was headed to my favorite bakery when I noticed this little guy in their flowerbed. I’d say he did no noticing in return, so focused was he on his task.  113 more words


oval wall print ~ Lone Oak Leaf

Living among the oaks, each autumn I can easily walk by, step on, and be generally oblivious to the millions of leaves they shed. But sometimes one leaf in particular will be set apart – as if needing to find a bit of solitude. 82 more words



Untitled Amelie-ish portrait · Retrato Amelie-ístico sin título

Acrylic on oval canvas, 2014 · Acrílico sobre lienzo ovalado, 2014


Subtle Blue Scallop Oval Sublime

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength.
Loving someone deeply gives you courage. ” -Lao Tzu 10 more words