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I toy with the idea of just being quiet about this whole discovery of testing positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation. It wouldn’t be hard for me. 870 more words


Reality.. 💔

It’s been three weeks since I lost my baby girl. 👼 My best friend left the job we worked together, and the appt occurred where the doctor just threw his hands up and tears rolled down his face. 576 more words

Ovarian Cancer

Trying to get up that great big hill!

At one time, not too long ago, I was actually able to walk up Koko Head Crater-it was challenging, yet not impossible. The popular Oahu hike was approximately 1 mile… 373 more words


A fair exchange

Earlier this week I had an operation, so just now I’m feeling fab. Physically I have a bit of pain and what the medical world terms ‘discomfort’, but emotionally I’m mainly happy. 637 more words

Your Facebook questioned answered: Is there a link between dairy and cancer?

“I do have a further question, where are the studies linking cancer to dairy coming from? I know the WHO launched a study of a variety of foods and possible linkages to cancer, but I can’t seem to find any results posted anywhere.” asks… 478 more words


Juicing & Cancer

Juicing (the process of separating the juice from the pulp of fruits, vegetables and plant foods) is a great way to add more servings of vegetables and fruits to an already-healthy diet. 650 more words


How the BRCA1 Gene Devastated a Small Family (Mine)

My mother, Lily Koval Brown, died exactly 22 years ago today of metastatic cancer. Her sister Joyce Koval Lamb died of metastatic cancer July 4, 1984. 2,057 more words

Breast Cancer