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Cleanliness is now-a-days a parameter for judging a person. You always want your home to be spik-n-span, especially if you are moving in to a new alien accommodation. 434 more words

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Get On Top Of Your Oven!

No! I don’t mean literally – get down! Phew! Wondered what was going to happen next there!

Seriously though, the  oven has got to be one of the most hated chores when it comes to running a home.   343 more words

Oven Cleaning

Time for a Gleam Clean

I’m Mrs Gleam and I’m here to help keep your house clean.

Many a modern housewife steers clear of housework, who has time these days? There’s the kids to drop off at nursery, must get in to work on time, get the meals on the table, the settle down with the lap top on the knees. 464 more words


Tips-y Tuesday Tip #5

Hello everyone! Sorry for missing last week, things have gotten a wee bit busy around here! No fear though, I am back with an awesome tip to help your oven sparkle :) 384 more words

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Feng Shui Mirror Cure vs. Clutter

The mirror “cure” is a well-known feng shui trick. Mirrors can bring in “missing” bagua sections by creating an illusion of depth. They can activate stagnant “chi” (energy). 363 more words

Natural Oven Cleaners!

I was in search of a natural alternative to chemical oven cleaners for weeks.  I stubbled upon another bloggers website and found great info for cleaning your ovens, without the harsh chemicals. 146 more words


Natural Oven Cleaner!

Baking Soda!

Throw that Easy-Off away, the fumes, even on the odourless version, are extremely hazardous and toxic. Gone are the days when that was the only option! 253 more words