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Reflections on Strategic (limited) Consumption: Three Values

It’s been over a year since my family and I were motivated to adopt a more stringent and ideology-driven attitude towards our consumption.

The initial manifesto… 655 more words



A common thief does not typically act with greater force or stealth.

I would guess like me you have tried to get your head around the taxes you pay without much success. 1,358 more words

There has to be a collective awarness of the greater problems facing the world , old and new.

Two months before Christmas and we are already being bombarded with buy this buy that.

There are no boundaries within the market. There is however a growing need to introduce a new strain of humanity into Christmas. 705 more words

The Non-Neutrality of Network Hogs

President Obama wants to regulate your internet. Today, he encouraged the FCC to adopt rules requiring “net neutrality,” ostensibly rules that would keep the internet “free, open and fair,” as a common jingo asserts. 370 more words

Video: The Trail of a Tale by Gonçalo Tocha

This four-minute documentary revolves around a letter written in the future to society today. The narrator tells us, the stranger, how things went right. Society gathered with a fundamental belief that the “purpose of the economic system is to improve the well-being for all within the limits of what the planet can sustain … We had to deal with overconsumption first. 105 more words

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