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Rule #175: Hippycrites

 Not to be confused with Hypocrites, Hippocrates or Hypocorism …  Hipp.y.crite: is a brand new word created for use in the New World. Developed as a linguistic blend of the words Hippy & Hypocrite, this word is used to describe people who claim to be environmentally responsible… 203 more words

I Am a Climate Change Denier, and So Are You

Originally published on About.com on May 17, 2014

Recently news broke of two new climate change studies that show that the catastrophic collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet is underway, and has been for over two decades. 316 more words

Climate Change

Hand and Foot

Hand and Foot

The human race
is losing the race

By our own hand
shooting ourselves in the foot

So smart
but not nice

The most anti-social… 26 more words


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Why a non-existent God still does it better



So Victor Hugo said, pretty much, don’t leave a vacuum. All over Facebook I see IFLScience, The Mind Unleashed and the often hilarious atheist satire the gives us all pause and makes us think, trying to fill the vacuum, if not by design, then by default.  574 more words

An excess of stone hand axes - and now books

In his TED talk, philosophy professor and author of The Art Instinct Denis Dutton suggested that Acheulian hand axes, developed by early humans over a million years ago, functioned largely as works of art and objects of status rather than tools: 509 more words