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The ecosystem of the English Channel has been transformed by fishing, report shows

A new report (10th July 2014) shows that many fish species, especially those at the top of the food chain, are faring badly in the English Channel. 273 more words

Greenwich Maritime Institute

Weekly Press Review - 11 July 2014

The Global Ocean Commission has made headlines this week with a report stating that our oceans are in decline and that “anarchy rules the waves.” 187 more words

Weekly Press Review

Why Saving Sea Turtles is Important

As a child growing up in Puerto Rico I used to go with my family out in the ocean on our boat almost every weekend. This exposed me to an amazing array of flora and fauna fit for the covers of National Geographic. 935 more words

Beaches Are For The Birds

On June 7, the Boston Globe ran an opinion piece by Lawrence Harmon about Boston-area beaches and the Piping Plovers who use them to nest and raise their young (“Move over, plover; the beach is for people”). 1,257 more words

World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day, a time to remember the two thirds of the planet’s surface that as land dwellers we often forget about, but which play a crucial role in our lives. 433 more words