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That's The Attitude

Do not work for free. Ever. Say no to free internships, say no to extra hours after work. If you are good in something, never do it for free.And remember to regularly draw what is due to you.


Overtime and Life..!

It’s very difficult situation when your regular office time over and you have to stay for over time…!

Either companies charge you extra amount of extra time but couldn’t return you that time, have you spend there. 49 more words


Insurans Penjawat Awam Beruniform

Berdasarkan jawapan Presiden Cuepacs, Dato’ Omar Osman jelas menunjukkan belum ada lagi Insurans yang disediakan untuk kakitangan beruniform yang bertugas pada waktu luar pejabat..

Bagi saya bukan sahaja pekerja swasta yang harus memiliki insuran atau takaful malahan pekerja kerajaan juga harus memilikinya.. 43 more words


Over Time-Original Soundtrack

Over Time-Original Soundtrack (Item Code: C1)


Sex Question: Will Sex Hurt Less Over Time?

Dear Dr. Kate,

I’ve had sex three times and each time it has hurt. Is this something that will change over time?

Sex shouldn’t cause you pain. 296 more words

Pain Management

I have a job...

Which means that I can start submitting resumes again in 90 days when I start building up time-off. I’m not going to say I’ve been lied to at this job, but let’s just say there are a series of “misrepresentations”.  579 more words