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5 Week Challenge | Day One

Today is the day that I began my 5 week challenge at my gym! In this challenge, I plan on working out twice a day everyday and following (as close as I can) to a nutrition program. 294 more words


A Night To Remeber

Myself and Tracy had our first night out together for a long time, on Saturday we had been invited to a wedding evening reception.

Yes I admit it I wasn’t really wanting to go but Tracy would not let me get out of it so what do I wear, for a long time I have just worn T shirts why you might ask is this important. 512 more words

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Day 67: Some Times You just need to get up and DANCE!

I’ve been in the Dumps and not really feeling this weight loss thing.  Even though I have been trying to work out here and there and not go totally crazy with food but Let’s face it I haven’t been doing very well.  56 more words

Vlog | Week Review

I started my weight loss blog a month ago today! In honor of that (which I forgot to say in the video), I decided that I would do this week’s review in Vlog form! 68 more words


To Cheat, or not to Cheat.

For me, that really is the question. I would like to say that I have one cheat day a week, but I honestly always allow myself to have a cheat 3-day-weekend. 509 more words


Day 65: Yoga, Tae No and ,Cardio dance boot camp

So today I woke up in such a great mood. My normal anxious self was at a level 3 vs my normal 8!!! Yippie today is a good day. 261 more words

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