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A beautiful skeleton

Since I don’t you and you don’t know me, I am gonna speak freely. Do you ever see yourself beautiful, but at the same time you see yourself not beautiful?! 1,022 more words

Avoiding mirrors

30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge

Day seven: When do you feel best about yourself? Why?

I grew up being judged for my physical appearance. Because of that as long as I don’t look in the mirror, I feel pretty good about myself. 257 more words


Hello world!

So I am your typical 20-something millennial with a chip on my shoulder.

I am more than 10 years out of high school, I have three college degrees, little-to-no friends, I’m single, I’m about 25 ibs over weight, I live with my parents and I have a crappy part time job. 199 more words

20 Something

Heroes For A Fat Kid

When I was a kid, I was chubby. That’s putting it a little lightly. It’s not that I’m not big now, but I certainly grew into my weight. 842 more words

Goals updated for 2015

Updated my goals for the year. Got rid of the goals that I’ve laxed on from last year.. such as stop drinking pop. Oh yea, I’ve fallen right back to the dreaded pop. 684 more words


Windows to my soul

I found a blog by a lovely young lady who, like me, seems to struggle with self-esteem issues. Not that she has anything to worry about in my eyes. 390 more words

30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge

The early years.....

(I’m on the left, sister on right)

We all have our own story.  We may not think it is very interesting, but it is who we are.   764 more words