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Tasty Tuesday!!!! Pineapple Itallian Ice

Last Night We were having dinner of Super Yummy Brussels Sprouts , Alfredo Shells with chicken and mixed veggies.   I really was wanting something refreshing for desert.  290 more words

Over Weight

A Difficult Weigh-in

So in order to keep track of my progress I took our home scales on the road after we sold the house. I knew it was risky. 515 more words


Week 7: Measuring up Mondays

Ok so I have to admit I actually weigh myself on Sundays I just don’t post the measurements and weight til Mondays.  This gives me time to think about what to write.   291 more words

Weight Loss

Day 48: Week 7 break Down of Exercise 6.1 Hours of Exercise

Ok Ok I know it’s actually day 49 but yesterday was one of those where is my head days.   My Store is closed for renovations and I was loaned out to the busiest store in our district.   161 more words

Weight Loss

First night.

   I had a rather successful night. No, I don’t deserve an award, but if you insist, I’ll accept. I spent the night without gorging myself with a midnight eating. 114 more words

Personal Rant

Tasty Tuesday: Roasted Brussels Sprouts!! I swear They are YUMMY!!!

So I always thought I hated Brussels Sprouts!  I mean yuck they are slimy and gross and the butter that they normally swim in doesn’t do anything for them.  363 more words

One should not run in lacy underwear

So I made the mistake the other day of wearing the wrong underwear while running!!! Oh course I had to wear the wrong ones while going my longest distance ever 4.5 miles!!!! 29 more words