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Emailing For The Insecure: Wait, That's Too Formal

The arrival of email circa 1993 should have made things easy for people like me. Admittedly, it has brought many improvements to the way we communicate. 682 more words


Nonsensical aim.

This week, I’ve wanted to say something about my friend that I lost four years ago in a nonsensical car accident and how seeing people you love suffer and being helpless is one of the worst feelings. 182 more words


Diseases. Symptoms. Analysis. Over-analysis...

Ten finalists have been chosen in a $10m (£6m) competition to develop a real-life “tricorder” – the medical scanner used in the Star Trek series. 84 more words


Analyzing more. Explaining less. Another plague of modern science...

Ecologists are testing more and more hypotheses, but their studies are explaining less of the world. That’s the striking conclusion of a new study that analyzes 8 decades of research papers. 170 more words


Extra sensory perceptions… One consciousness...

Ask Harvard Medical School researchers how many senses humans have and you’re bound to receive a range of answers. This lack of consensus isn’t limited to Harvard: Neurologists and others who study perception have long disagreed on the number of senses we possess to help us navigate our way through life. 261 more words


Overanalysis: The Real Mandarin

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way:

Of course, by now, almost everyone knows that the “Mandarin” in the Iron Man 3… 492 more words