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Overboard: Yoda

Joey Proffitt (Jeffrey Wiseman) wears a Yoda T-shirt in the 1987 movie Overboard.


Movies I Will Never Get Sick of

You know when you are flipping channels and you see a movie from the 80’s or 90’s and no matter how many times you’ve seen it you have to watch it again — or when you’re home sick and you want something silly and familiar to distract you — or just have that one movie that you can’t. 317 more words


Rolls-Royce 450X Yatch

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Overview: Rolls-Royce and Yachts. That is how high rollers roll on both Terra firma and Aqua fluida. So why not blend em both into a single entity to make a splash (quite literally) in the luxury scene? 168 more words

Product Design

Reflections: It's Been One Hell Of A Year

I remember it like it was yesterday; it was October 11, 2013 and my whole family was in the Outer Banks, North Carolina celebrating my cousin Hillary’s marriage to her soul mate Nick.   688 more words


Going overboard.

We tend as humans to make rules, get a group to enforce them and then break those rules that the majority of us made.

Those enforcing those rules are the authorities with power. 323 more words