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Shake the Scene: License To Drive

License To Drive (1988)

The Scene: Drunk Drive Chase

Why I Love This Scene: Sometimes mediocre movies from your youth leave an imprint on your life. 489 more words

Shake The Scene

Kensington Market - TORONTO

If you’re planning on going to Toronto you should probably consider passing by Kensington Market. This neighborhood is one of the most ancient and popular of the city. 96 more words


day #60

whoopsie.. sorry!

this is funny. You’ll laugh, you’ll forgive me.. you will.


Poem 25 Revised

Siren Solace

It was the ocean who came to me
In a dream dreading unhappiness
With her own wide tides to blame
For our less than easy sailing. 59 more words


I Somehow Managed To Plug 14 Hours Into Three Play Sessions.

So I use Raptr … well “use” in the sense that I let it run at start up, and then forget that it is even there because the only feature that really works on it is the game play tracking; typically it does nothing but nag me with weekly emails about how little I play video games, but this week it dumped a surprise on me. 95 more words

Nerding Out.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedos in "Overboard"

I get so wrapped up in Joanna Stayton’s glitz and glam that I sometimes forget about Annie Proffitt’s more down-to-earth style, including this triple-denim Canadian Tuxedo. 23 more words