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Movie Mania #19

Overboard- As someone who considers herself a feminist, I could list a myriad of things about this movie that bothered me. (You can’t just trick a lady with amnesia into thinking she’s your wife and get away with it! 439 more words


The gift of "The Thing"!

My family shares a special gift, we like to call “The Thing”.

Now “The Thing”, is an ESP/telepathic/prophetic type of gift that relates purely to music and movies. 647 more words

Retour aux sources 2 : Alger - Jardin D'Essai

The adventure on the other side of the Atlantic continue with an other wonder of Algeria’s capital, the “Jardin D’Essai”.
With its 1200 plants species, this parc is an open-air museum. 149 more words


Taking it too Far

When the peace is gone – it’s wrong. It’s run it’s course and time is up.

When the peace is gone – even I’m sorry would be meaningless…if that was even offered. 136 more words

Broken Wings

She was a flightless bird.
She had broken her own wings
Falling from the nest that he had built her.
She had foreseen her descent, 231 more words



Developer: Psygnosis
Publisher: Psygnosis
UK Release: 1997
Format: Sony Playstation (PSX)

Early in the Sony Playstations lifespan a little known game called Overboard! (Known as ‘Shipwreckers!’ In the US) was released by Psygnosis; the company that brought us classics during the Playstations heyday such as Destruction Derby, G-Police, Colony Wars and F1 97′. 479 more words


Prom 2

I have mentioned before my opinions of prom (see prom blog). I am writing about prom again this time for my brother, who recently decided not to go to prom his senior year. 257 more words