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My Saving Grace

I was 18. Nights were long and filled with angst. Insomnia swallowed me whole that summer; it watched me without the slightest concern as my body fell to the bedroom floor- curled up, writhing in emotional pain. 782 more words

Overcoming Obstacles

It's not your customer's job to solve their own problem. It's yours.

…and your problem isn’t their problem, either.

At this time of year, as companies revisit their strategies with an eye to a reboot in the New Year, they frequently reach out to customers and stakeholders, trying to get them to identify with a problem the supplier has. 106 more words


going goal-less for 2015

This month my Twitter feed has been full of goal-setting advice. Creatives and entrepreneurs offer their planners, tips and guidebooks for making 2015 “your best year yet.” Make more money, more sales… find more followers, foil those FB algorithms. 147 more words

Certain Art

Slay the Giant and Bury Him

Sometimes you just have to slay the giant and bury him. Whether you call it slaying dragons, facing demons, overcoming obstacles or something else. It all comes back to us as individuals. 313 more words


One Determined Day At A Time

I plucked the pieces of forbidden fruit
and bit into them, ravished by their taste -
devouring the memories my mind
had shielded me from for far too long. 310 more words


On Your Graduation Day

Do not misjudge
the importance of this day
and the odds
so stacked against it.

Do not discount
the character it takes
to walk with mortals, 44 more words


Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself
is the beginning
of all wisdom.