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Do you feel sick, tired, lazy or just not able to do it? Decide to do it anyway and enjoy the ecstasy!

This morning I once again had one of those moments.

Moments of failing willpower, or at least coming very close to failing.

Many, many repetitive thoughts popped up in my head to make me abandon my commitment and stay home relaxing, enjoying my day off quietly instead of starting the day with exercise. 997 more words


Squaw Peak

Last week, I had the opportunity to hike Squaw Peak. Hiking wasn’t ever one of my FAVORITE things to do, but I’ve found that it’s grown on me since I’ve been away from home and realized that there are a lot of really great hiking spots almost anywhere you go. 461 more words

Sat PM Report 041914 Day 113b

Sat PM Report 041914 Day 113b: Had incredibly joyous & faith inspired district meeting! Got some awesome good orderly direction later (a meeting)! Going to a friends for an early Easter dinner. 50 more words

Liz Who Motivates

Fri PM Report 041814 Day 112b

Fri PM  Report 041814  Day 112b:    PM chanting. Inventory list.   Energy/empowerment work. Outdoors. Very good day. Very joyous! BRUNCH: 43g/23.5 g. DINNER: 45g/26g. SNACK: 19g/4.5g. EXERS: walking, legs, stretches, etc. 8 more words

Liz Who Motivates

Taking The Bumpy Road

“Clank-Clank…. Clank-Clank.” 

The keys were hitting the ignition so hard I thought they were going to fly straight out of the car, as it was rocking back and forth so fast it was spilling my cup of water all over my lap. 624 more words


Better To Have Lived in Truth

There’s the little empty pain of leaving something behind – graduating, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. 432 more words

Learning To Be Happy

Thurs PM Report 041714 Day 111b

Thurs PM Report 041714 Day 111b: An even more amazing day all -around. Accomplished many chores, work and other related tasks. Inventory list. PM chanting. Empowerment/energy/other work.  36 more words

Liz Who Motivates