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I know that

Can be hard

And you

Maybe saying

How can I

I have to think


All those bills


Those other things… 287 more words

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It's Good to Be a Little Naive (Sugar Sober Series)

When my son was born via unplanned C-section, I didn’t have the luxury of advanced planning to know what to expect from the surgery recovery. The nurses told me if I felt up to it that I should walk the halls of the maternity ward while pushing the bassinet. 374 more words


Drinking Wine and Enjoying Myself

There’s something special for me in drinking wine. I love white wine, and some of my most cherished moments enjoying my own company revolve around wine. 252 more words


You Are Not Locked In

You are not

Locked in

You can

Reinvent yourself

But you have to be mindful

Of what you are telling


You may just

Have to release… 258 more words


8 Books Lighting my Path (Sugar Sober Series)

I usually am reading multiple books at a time.

And by multiple I mean 5 or 6 or more that I have an actively moving bookmark in. 936 more words


Defeat Mental Roadblocks And Start Writing Once And For All – Part 1

When it comes to writing and following my dreams, it seems like the very gates of Hades have come against me – most often starting in my own head. 700 more words

Encouragement For Writers


Trust that it will

All workout

I hope you do

Before you burnout

If not

You’ll be frustrated

Thinking things are


Trust will help you to… 196 more words

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