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The End of the Beginning. And the Beginning of The End. (Day 31: Sugar Sober Series)

What size shirt do you need for the event?” 

I cringe at the question.

Not only because it feels vulnerable to speak my size into the space. 667 more words


Bumps in the Road

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. It actually coincides with the bumps in the road that my family has been having lately. In the middle of June, my hours at work got cut. 494 more words

Task 4: When I Grow Up (Career)

Overcoming Obstacles...

Do you know the feeling that you are not good at something that you think you are doing your best at… Well I’m sure that you do and I am absolutely sure that we are not alone… 525 more words

I Gave In... and Weighed In (Sugar Sober Series)

Even as I wait for the digital numbers to appear, I question my motives.

I said I had no intention of getting on the scale during these 31 Days. 298 more words


Business Women Empowering Other Business Women

Sales Force has come up with a unique idea to bring a group of females together for classes where it’s also taught by other females. Here’s the kick, there’s not a single male in the classroom. 28 more words


Game "Operation" Inventor Looking For Help

You’ve totally played this game as a kid, and if you won’t playing it, you wanted to find the friend to borrow it from. Mashable recently ran a story this past week noting that the inventor of the game “Operation” is in dire straights for his own health and is looking for help. 149 more words