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KIPP Academy

Not long ago, Sir Ron was struggling at school. He was falling behind academically and losing faith that he had the ability to succeed.

Now he’s gained a new sense of his own potential, and he has a plan for his future. 364 more words


Yick Wo Elementary School

Art can be one of the most important parts of a young student’s life. It teaches kids that it’s okay to be creative and take risks at school—not just in the art room, but in math, languages, and every other subject they study. 308 more words


When Winter Comes in July

We forgive ourselves, I think, when we’re not quite ourselves in the winter. When thick sweaters and dirty slush are normal companions. When heavy blankets of snow give us permission for heavy blankets on our spirits. 316 more words

In Every Season

Searching for Significance

Sometimes we are filled with passion toward one cause or another and it directs our path and our decisions. Other times we just live moment-to-moment with a hunger in our hearts to do something that matters to someone. 325 more words

Dare to Be Different!

Let’s face it, being an AUTHENTIC human being: someone who knows who they are, and what they have to offer in this world…IS TOUGH. As great as it sounds when we use phrases like: 1,089 more words

Enjoying The Journey

Get hurt, struggle, fight back, stay strong

The title explains itself quite explicitly.  What does it mean though?  Let’s break it down.

1) Get hurt

Emotional or physical pain, whatever it may be, is the result of being hurt.   735 more words

Beyond I

What jumping out of a perfectly good airplane taught me....

Well, I went skydiving last weekend, and the weekend before that had a very cool experience at a conference that taught me a lot about myself (It was a leadership conference at USD that I highly suggest to people). 1,784 more words