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Let's Make an Escape -- Together (Sugar Sober Series)

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long… 518 more words


Traveling Through Life and Making Stops Along the Way

It’s been quite a while since my last entry. A whirlwind of circumstances and a roller-coaster of emotions hit my life, and for a minute, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would make it or not. 378 more words


Don't Trade One Addiction for Another (Sugar Sober Series)

I used to be a coupon clipper.

No, not clipper. Sorter and hoarder. I bought two Sunday papers to get an extra set. The Raleigh paper that was only sold at Barnes and Noble; not the Fayetteville one sold everywhere. 498 more words


Food as a Love Language (Sugar Sober Series)

When I was young, visiting Grandma’s house meant soda and honey buns — things we almost never had at home. She would also cook a ham — my Mom’s favorite. 461 more words


Kyle Keech: The Will To Walk On My Own

By Kyle Keech

Writing is an escape for me. I cannot attest too much else, but fully, my heart is in these words. I highly recommend letting the exercise take control, especially if and when times want to daunt you with fierce ambition. 588 more words


Confidence and faith in ourselves. You can make it.

Sit with me. Or don’t, as this post might make you actually TAKE ACTION.  Anything you want to, you can get, just like that. It’s about you. 406 more words