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Capturing Forgiveness In Every Moment!

Greetings! Welcome Everybody!

Capturing forgiveness sounds like a lofty goal for sinner and saint alike. There is a key point to present in this matter and that is, we all carry out two main things while we live our day-to-day lives. 605 more words

Making A Difference From Inside Myself!

Five ways that depression/anxiety effect me the most.

      When you have to go through life each day living with anxiety and depression, things can get difficult.  And by can, I mean things will  900 more words

The Purpose of Adversity

It is common knowledge that no one prays to go through difficult times in their lives. As a matter of fact, people pray to God to lead them through ways of pleasantness and minimal difficulty. 1,864 more words

Overcoming Suicide


Proverbs 16:32

32  Better a patient person than a warrior,
one with self-control than one who takes a city. 3,052 more words

Domestic Violence, Survivor, Self-help

What I Have Is Enough

It may Feel as though to have a better life, it’s necessary to have better Feelings. I have learned that the Feelings I have right now are more than enough for me to Feel better, no matter what those Feelings are. 984 more words


Rhetorics of Overcoming

I was able to take a trip down to WV this summer, and I love driving through the mountains on winding interstate roads, watching the fog roll slowly through the valleys—pale gray against the dark green trees. 1,308 more words

I am Charissa Grace for a reason...

Good morning Constance…rather than excerpt, I am reposting this article in its entirety…some of the ads that were on the site where it was had potential to be offensive to some?   1,098 more words