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There comes a time when you got to stop begging in the streets for love and acceptance and actually accept those who loved you all the way and look for love and acceptance in yourself first. 463 more words

Giving up So Easily?

A woman was telling me about all the people who have hurt her and destroyed her chances for happiness. When I asked her if she thought other people have had someone in their lives who have hurt them too, … 76 more words


A Poem - Detrimental to My "Friend(s)"

I constantly felt an intense heat,

A deadline or pressure that I may never meet.

I needed to show and prove my value,

Or not win the prize or gain the accolades of all of you. 198 more words

Triumph Thursday

There is so much goodness in the world. There truly is, and there are people who seek it out and then share it with others. 16 more words

The two great Celebrations in the Christian year are Christmas when God the Son become incarnate in the flesh, to live as one of us. And Easter when God the Son who had lived as one of us, died as one of us, to pay the price for our separation from God, because of sin {wrongdoing against God}. 536 more words

Stay Centered During A Crisis

Learn to remain centered, confident, and calm during a crisis and you’ll realize you’re able to control the outcome of the situation. Malcolm Quillen



“You’re fragile.”

These were the best words ever spoken to me.

I have always had a strong sense of who I am, but I often struggled with being 100% true to myself. 887 more words