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Saurabh Jha of Penn on The Dangers of Overdiagnosis

A simply wonderful, understandable, and slightly snarky essay by my friend radiologist Saurabh Jha of Penn (The Rogue Radiologist) on the dangers of doing too much to people. 19 more words


"Labelled for life." -- Des Spence | BMJ 2013

The overdiagnosis of, for example, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and melanoma, has turned millions of the unsuspecting well into “cancer survivors.” And mental illness is now the norm rather than the exception, with only 17% of adults in the United States reporting “optimal mental health.”

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Incidental findings--Do the benefits of followup exceed the harms?

Halfway through my intern year, I was sent to the emergency department to admit an older woman for “impending Addisonian crisis.” She told me a story of a spicy dinner that had given her heartburn-like pain bad enough to make her come to the ED. 784 more words

Overdiagnosis of Cancer in Our Medical System

Last week I read a book given by my lecturer in medschool, she lend me this book because she knew I would enjoy this book. And I did! 615 more words

Daily Prompt: Psychology