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I am crazy in love with food.  We will never breakup.  I am fully committed.

Food and I have a tumultuous past.  My girlfriend and I were discussing food issues the other day.  2,005 more words

Today's Foodism: I Want to See You Enjoy Yourself, Not Explode in My Dining Room

I love to entertain at home. In doing so, I am fond of preparing a sumptuous spread for my guests. Yes, I do have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to feeding others. 46 more words


Where To Sit At A Restaurant If You Never Want To Overeat

Just because you happen to be on a diet program doesn’;t imply you can’;t consume out, correct? After all, you happen to be in control more than what you order and how much of it you consume or drink. 21 more words

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One Month Update :)

Its been a long week here in my world, but I am glad to say its been a good one!  I did my weekly weigh in today and am so excited to let you know that I am down another 2 lbs this week! 332 more words

Calorie Counting Makes You Fat

This post was previously written for another blog but now sits perfectly within this one.

While chatting to people on internet forums I find myself repeatedly banging on about two particular books, so I figured I’d write an explanation as to why I have this particular OCD and put a link to it from my signature.  1,234 more words

Diet Plans

Tipday-Thursday! Watch the Grazing!

‘Ello :)

This week is a note on something I used to do all the time… And I mean ALL the time. Grazing…

Eating when you’re bored or snacking on food as you’re preparing it – no matter how healthy the food seems can add up to being an unhealthy intake. 61 more words