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Goodness knows, I saw it coming. Or, at least, I'll claim I did. But, in truth, I'm lost for words.

Even in the height of recovery, I still find myself talking me down from ledges on the regular. I’m not perfect. I’m working on accepting that and accepting who I am, as I am. 890 more words

Tipday-Thursday! Are You A Snacker?

Ok so it’s important to know if you’re a snacker or not for a variety of reasons… Not everyone is – some people can have three square meals and are fine, others need something to tide them over. 281 more words


The 8-Hour Diet Process

Imagine eating anything you want for an 8-hour period. No restrictions at all. Would you do it?

While it’s great (as I am currently doing it), there are struggles with this diet plan. 437 more words



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Here we are again to show our creativity by writing original stories for the Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge. This challenge is to write a story with no more than 100 words. 201 more words

Weight Loss Tip Wednesday – Three "W’s" That Make Me Think Before Overindulging

Many of us have those days where we are so hungry we eat everything in sight.  We overindulge and just eat more than we should.  I will be the first to admit I am very guilty of eating too much and of making the wrong food choices.  130 more words


Tipday-Thursday! 10%!


I had a shock earlier when I realised I’d overeaten by about 200 calories… But I did a 7 km run and walked for an hour or so today – So I reckon I’m good :) Plus I’m taking inspiration from this image I found on Pinterest a few days ago :) 132 more words


Healthy monsoon!!!!

Diseases such as food poisoning, cholera, cold, cough, flu, poor digestion, jaundice, typhoid and dysentery are common, but undesirable companions during monsoon. All of us are more prone to infections when there is change of season. 131 more words

Food Facts And Issues