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No More (Timber Parody) feat. Omjoe

Parody of the popular song Timber. About eating too much…
I made this a few days ago but hadn’t posted it to here because I’ve been gone from here for a long time.


Thank God it’s Friday!  :)  It doesn’t feel like a Friday but it’s Friday nonetheless which means the weekend is upon us.  And when the weekend is upon us it means (for me anyway) more temptation to overeat or mindlessly snack… this weekend I am going to try to control my cravings and snacking.   130 more words


Cold blustery productive day

Today was a very cold & blustery day…. never got above 40 degrees so with the wind we were really cold!  We did manage to get the hunting houses unloaded though… so that was good…. 143 more words


Rainy foggy day on the Parkway

Had a very good day today…. and didn’t overeat either!  :)  To start with some friends of ours called about helping us move our two hunting houses from down in Wilkesboro up the mountain to our place…  we figured out where & what time to meet then proceeded down the mountain leading our friend driving his dump truck.   219 more words


The Worst Vessel

In a country where almost every single food is genetically modified, injected with hormones, grown under artificial conditions and with complete lack of hygiene, it becomes very hard to eat healthy. 475 more words


Today's Foodism: Will You Be As Wise?

Wisdom can be fleeting. At times, you may seem to have it and your choices reflect this, while at other times your judgment is skewed, cloudy, unsure. 65 more words


Positive Thoughts

Something I heard today (not sure when or where) made me think about positive versus negative thoughts…  you know I never really thought about how much effect our thoughts have on our success – whether it is in weight loss or another area of our life.   367 more words