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10 Basic Tips For Improved Digestion

So many of us live our lives in a state of compromised digestion. We get used to various distresses in our digestive tract, but we don’t realize that our digestive tract may be partially or seriously damaged. 578 more words


Break a heart of stone

So yesterday I got sick.

I got so fucking sick of feeling full and empty at the same time. I actually managed to use the same impulse – well, somewhat the same – to get my coat on and get my ass to my first Overeaters Anonymous meeting. 245 more words

Mental Illness

Gorging in the a.m

Gorged on a packet of custard creams whilst watching a movie, my hands kept finding themselves back into the noisy foil paper as I was carrying out this secret mission in privacy. 50 more words

Mason Jar Feelings

I am calm. At peace. Happy, proud and grateful. I want to capture these feelings and make them last forever. Tuck them into an empty mason jar for the next time I’m feeling so depressed I can barely function. 383 more words

G-Poppers... November 28, 2014

 Jonathots Daily Blog


Finishing up a fine meal, friends and family gather and decide to probe the mind of G-Pop.

“Speaking of eating, G-Pop, what do you think of the meal?” 176 more words

Jonathan's Thoughts

When Food Hurts

I spent all day trying to resist. Telling myself I was better and stronger than that. But it was there, in her office. Little bowls stuffed with artificial, chemically-filled chocolates. 488 more words