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Break a heart of stone

So yesterday I got sick.

I got so fucking sick of feeling full and empty at the same time. I actually managed to use the same impulse – well, somewhat the same – to get my coat on and get my ass to my first Overeaters Anonymous meeting. 245 more words

Mental Illness

Cranky is as Cranky Does

I am re-dedicating myself to get a blog post out every Monday. Yay! You’re thrilled, I can tell.

As thrilled as I am to be abstinent from chocolate. 1,341 more words

Sound Bites from OA

“Sound Bites from Overeaters Anonymous (OA)” was an Internet radio show that aired October 17, 2012 to January 9, 2013 on VoiceAmerica.com.

It is dedicated to educating you about recovery from compulsive eating using OA’s 12-step program, so you recognize the symptoms and find the support you need and a program that works to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 158 more words


I'm just tired.

I have been working so hard to attack my eating problems. I will admit, attending OA meetings daily has been tough. For me to focus on anything for an hour is a miracle. 160 more words

Weight Loss

I'm Sick

I don’t like to think about it.

But I have a big cyst on my pancreas. It’s apparent that chronic pancreatitis is what caused it to grow. 1,151 more words

Lamp Reflections

Ask-It Basket - Do I have to be abstinent to share?

Many meetings in my area suggest that members have ninety days of abstinence before sharing. I believe this practice discourages newcomers from speaking at meetings. 510 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

The Storm Inside

I’m in the calm before the storm.

But, the storm is coming. She is bound to come, as she blows in every week around this time–right before I’m scheduled to drive over and teach a weekly master class (How to Sing) to four high school girls, like I have many times before. 462 more words