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Rigatoni with Alfredo Sauce because that's SO LOW CARB!

I can blame my lack of posting on many great excuses. But in all honesty it’s from shame.   I have not been following my low carb diet… not in any way shape of form.   107 more words

The Good, the Bad, and the Fluffy(er)

Good evening/afternoon/morning, whichever is appropriate for when and where you are viewing!

Tuesday’s morning weight was 274.4. That’s not really surprising, given all that I ate on Monday. 256 more words


Get back on the horse, and go - Miss Dior's guide to getting back to your healthy lifestyle post binge.

Sometimes when we are on on our way to a healthier lifestyle, we get a little carried away and suddenly we stop using MyFitnessPal, we forget how much we pay for that gym membership, and we well overindulge on our favorite foods. 297 more words


The luxury to nap...

I lost another pound today.  My plan is going along swimmingly!   For breakfast, I had a mandarin orange.  It’s refreshing and sweet for my dry mouthed morning.   349 more words


Feelings of guilt after eating

So a little update health wise – things are going great. I’m pretty much 90% now…following FODMAP diet 100% and will hopefully reintroduce those foods at some stage. 437 more words


     Lord, everything about my job is changing! It seems as though management has lost their minds! Their new expectations seem so unachievable, unrealistic, impossible, and just plain crazy!   728 more words

How To Not Gain Weight When Eating Out 24/7

Last week my cousins were in town and I feel like I spent every moment either eating or planning where we should go next to eat some more. 617 more words