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 Today Lord, I decided to go for a walk. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and there was  a light breeze.  493 more words


I am swamped with work. I am meant to write a 4000 word essay, a philosophy essay, have a 3-5 minute spanish presentation with no notes, an art project, and an english group presentation all for next week.Last week I had an Economics paper and two tests to worry about.  801 more words


Another day (or half) in my skin

I didn’t have any plans to see anyone.

I got up around 1pm, got changed into lounge clothes and opened a packet of oishi pea snack crisps. 256 more words

Corn fritters, I promise.

Ok maybe red Thai paste. Sober Companion has gone to see her mother. That means Teenage Son wants a boy’s night in. I had a medium Domino’s Vegi Volcano. 347 more words


Dietbet Update: Round #3

OK… let me cry for a sec. :cry:
OK… done.
Moving on.

This is what happens when you get cocky! There’s no nice way to say this: I lost this month’s… 255 more words


Eight Tips for Eating in Moderation On Vacation

Eating in moderation while on vacation can become a challenge within itself. With so many different foods to eat, going on a cruise, skiing down the snowy slopes, or relaxing on the beach sometimes turns into a fancy feast in which you find yourself exploring different restaurants and stuffing your face with local cuisine. 483 more words

Stuffing The Stuffing With Stuffing

Gobble gobble! Gobble gobble! That is exactly how I feel right now, like a stuffed turkey! This weekend was not conducive to a “healthier” lifestyle. I over did it, I can completely admit it. 678 more words