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Found this old barn and thought it looked kinda cool — http://ift.tt/1p6vYop by bodson15



This is a very common view of a hutong in Beijing. I like this one because there are lots of plants creating shade and texture. It seems cozy, inviting and well used.



This beautiful lion sits guarding an overgrown temple in a small village outside of Beijing. The village is famous for making root tiles for the forbidden city and the summer palace. 20 more words


Rotten tomatoes

The tomatoes have overgrown the fence and the marigolds have finally bloomed. Unfortunately heavy rain caused a lot of vegetable bounty to go bad. What to do with rotten tomatoes? 12 more words


The Dead Sea

I suddenly discovered my eye sockets filling with water, saline pain bubbling forth from deep chocolate pools, threatening to run down my cheeks, leaving its salty trail upon my rough skin, like a salt mine of pain and sadness that crumbled into a stream and flowed across my cheeks. 244 more words



the journey to take over my life and make it what it will be
is treacherous, filled with enemies, and most of them are in my head. 106 more words