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Three To Fly Overhead (2014)

1. An idea that you are not interested in.

2. Airplane.

3. Drone.


Fairly new-

Something else to get used to.


Free Game Friday

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. The game’s Realm of the Mad God a free to play bullet hell MMO. It just got an update, so if you’re looking for a time killer, or played it before and lost interest take a look!


Doubled Up: Using Marketing and Decor Hand-in-Hand

A Champion Studios’ customer favorite, our Giant Fiberglass Ball Ornaments are large, impactful and truly a unique and attention grabbing commercial Christmas decor piece. 208 more words



“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself to become what he potentially is”
-Elrich Fromm

De-Load Over....Time to Train

2 Week De-Load is OVER!!!! Excited to get back to training….Until I saw my programming post this morning! Of course I’m kidding, I absolutely love the programming coming back. 215 more words

To Bench Press, Or Not To Bench Press?

How much can you bench bro?

Since the beginning of the bodybuilding ages this has been the question asked among men to rank themselves as alpha males within their group. 875 more words