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Smoke, Fire, Gas, Oh My

Did you know that there is a date code on the smoke detector as well as your carbon monoxide detector in your RV?  Did you know that the propane detector in your RV has an end of life? 1,702 more words

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Training - what is it good for?

I’ve been dreading today, because I had to attend a training session, for a new procedure in work that’s due to go live next Monday – talk about short notice! 165 more words


19 Truths Only Extremely Sweaty People Know To Be True

I’ll never be sure from where (or rather, WHOM) I inherited my excessive sweating abilities, but there are plenty of other things I know for sure when it comes to being an incredibly sweaty person. 578 more words

Is Your Pet Safe in Your RV When You're Gone?

This has been a major question with RVers traveling with their pets.  For some it was a reason not to go to a museum or sight-see some special area because there was no way to know. 988 more words

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Hyperthermia is a dangerous condition that occurs when the body becomes overheated. This can lead to heat exhaustion, and ultimately heat stroke. The body core temperature can rise up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or more. 171 more words