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Abbott makes a statement which and no attempt to explain why so much press was in attendance.

                     How much fruit salad does it take to impress us

600 police the whole of the deployment sent to Iraq needed to arrest one 22year old… 179 more words

Tony Abbott

Pumpkin Spice....Overkill!!!!

It is that time of year where everything that can be given “pumpkin spice” is.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pumpkin. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin muffins. 311 more words

Roadtrip Artifact #14

Wall Drug: only 335 miles away!

Four signs in one shot, six signs in the same human view.


Me Want! Gurkha Now Available for Normal People

This truck may look familiar – you’ll remember it from Fast and Furious 6 driven by Dwayne Johnson. It’s not just for military and law enforcement anymore. 163 more words

Moment Of Zen

Concert review: Overkill

The Orpheum, Tampa, FL – September 13, 2014

Overkill is among the great craft breweries, so to speak, in the entire heavy metal genre. Think about it. 1,888 more words


Police, some armed with AR-15 rifles, fired 61 shots in killing man with BB gun at Texas truck stop

Jose Walter Garza, 30, never spoke but raised the replica pistol at officers before he was killed early last Saturday, a police spokesman said. The shooting is under investigation, including the moment two officers were caught on tape exchanging a congratulatory ‘fist bump’ after the shooting. 549 more words


A Duel Upon the Razor's Edge: The Universe Hates You and Everyone You Ever Loved

We’ve all had those days, and don’t you pretend otherwise- you know the ones. Where every setback seems to fall away just so two more can kick you in the squishiest part of your nether regions, and everyone you meet seems a cold, unfeeling monument to the indifference of existence; in short, the kind of day that makes referring to people with phrases like ‘cold, unfeeling monument to the indifference of existence’ seem reasonable. 1,120 more words