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My new overlocker!

Now I posted recently that I had bought an overlocker. Well I have finally had time to do some stuff on it and OMG it is fab! 228 more words

Sam Halliwell

OMG I have an overlocker!!!

Apparently sales of these have gone through the roof because of the Great British Sewing Bee. I was not sure if I would actually ever really need one then i discovered what they can do and as I am going to try to make the step into making clothing it will come in handy. 90 more words

Sam Halliwell

How did I live without an overlocker?

I have heard about overlockers and they seemed like something you could do without.  One of those appliances, like a teas maid, that sounded good at the time but gets put in a cupboard never to be used again.  538 more words

Overlocking on The Sewing Bee

I’m completely addicted the the new series of The Sewing Bee on BBC2 – it’s great to see so many talented sewers showing off their skills.   107 more words

Sweatshirt with mock band hem - tutorial

This is my favourite ‘working at home’ outfit at the moment - my new red hoodie with a denim skirt, fleece lined footless tights (mmm!) and cozy socks.  145 more words


This Ole Elna Overlocker

As with all of our relocations, parting with my appliances means I get to inaugurate each new craft space for new / different ones. This time, I was feeling adventurous and did some eBay and Gumtree shopping. 218 more words

Tips and Tricks for Threading an Overlocker

Many people are scared away from using an overlocker/ serger by the concept of having to thread this crazily complex machine. So I’ve decided to share with you the ways I have found make this task a lot simpler. 309 more words

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