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Women in the Workforce Solves Overpopulation

Here’s an interesting question: If I was the supreme ruler of the world, how would I control our present and looming population crisis? Human impact has been conveniently packaged in the IPAT equation, in which Impact = Population X Affluence X Technology. 485 more words


One Day I'll Live Here

In a somewhat related post to my rant earlier this week, I would like to write an ode to my dream apartment.

The Milton is Milton’s most exciting new development, and it’s heralding a positive new outlook on Brisbane in general. 254 more words

The Failings of Frew Park

They’re building a park in my neighbourhood. I am unbelievably dismal about it.

I want to say first of all, so you know I’m fairly biased, I was dead against the park’s development in the first place. 599 more words


The Importance of Male Contraception in Population Reduction

Most of the contraception information I’ve seen so far while researching overpopulation solutions is overwhelmingly female oriented. Granted, a woman has more at stake when it comes to pregnancy but surely it wouldn’t make sense to ignore half the population’s need for contraception. 449 more words


Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss XXV

Here are 6 more biodiversity cartoons for your conservation-humour fix (see full stock of previous ‘Cartoon guide to biodiversity loss’ compendia here).


Book Review: The Runaway Brain

Did you ever wonder how we got to where we are as a species?  Have  you ever wondered why it is we humans who are here and so successful, and not Cro-Magnon man or some intelligent ape? 381 more words

The Future

Ban Ki-moon: UN Aims to Stop Ebola Transmission in Six to Nine Months

I don’t want to sound like an alarmist, but in six months we  should already be at the half million infections, if one extrapolates from the spread of the contagion from July till now.  370 more words