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THE RADAR ROBOT (fictional story)

The Radar Robot was scanning on his radar.  He looked at people and could see everything they were hiding.

This one woman who was “pregnant” wasn’t really pregnant.   183 more words


Overconsumption is the state in which renewable resources have outpaced the sustainable capacity of an ecosystem. An article that is written by the United Nations Development Programme (1998), … 634 more words

Karl Marx

Vorweg, ich bin keinesfals Verfechter des Kommunismus oder Sozialismus, ich bin mitte-rechts~libertär und vor allem Pernimist (lat. pernimium = viel zu viele ). Dennoch stieß ich vor kurzem auf Karl Marx und auch wenn ich nur Teile seines Werkes überflogen habe, bin ich auf eine äußerst interessante Stelle gestoßen. 407 more words


There was this girl. She was my age. She was sitting in a chair at the very top of a tall building. It is nearing sunset, and though the skies are cloudy, the heat is intense. 886 more words


Your Stories Told: Tom*

Through his personal experience with ownership of a store bought pet, Tom’s story highlights the importance of adopting pets, rather than buying pets from pet shops where the ethical breeding, buying, treatment, and health of pets cannot be guaranteed. 237 more words

Domestic Animals