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into a world of uncertainty

Interview with Climate Scientist Guy McPherson:

Planet Earth: The Next 30 Years


the voice of reason

With Climate Change revealing itself to be worse than at first thought, and the Wests involvement in yet another resource war (this time with the Islamic State) under the guise of the phantom menace of “terror”, perhaps it is time to consider just what the hell it is we are doing?

The Voice of Reason


Not Sexy - Unless You're A Cat Or Dog

According to 2012 Census data, over 44,000 cats and dogs live in Onondaga County households that fall below the poverty level. Because most of these beloved pets are not neutered, they pump out thousands more puppies and kittens each year. 142 more words

Spay-Neuter Clinic

Population Explosion

Mountain covered with houses at maximum capacity, as seen inside a moving vehicle on the road between La Trinidad city proper and Baguio City.


The Overpopulation Question

When discussing the population issue, it is inevitable that Africa and South Asia will come up. Both areas are experiencing large population growth simultaneously with large economic growth, as they push to join the developed world. 366 more words

Session Blog Post

The Myth of Overpopulation versus Unfair Access to Land

Hi Everyone,

We have been bombarded for decades with the idea of overpopulation, food scarcity and all that stuff. It all seems logical and credible, right? 3,523 more words

Overpopulation is Poppycock

So… I’m in school. I’ve been busy. I wrote this essay for my English class and only got 80/100. I’m bummed because I actually researched the heck out of this topic and got a B. 675 more words