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The Anthropocene began seventy years ago

In 2000 Paul Crutzen, the Dutch atmospheric chemist and Nobel prize-winner, and American ecologist Eugene F Stoermer, proposed using the term ‘anthropocene’ for the current geological epoch to emphasize the central role of mankind in geology and ecology. 2,002 more words


Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

The name of the article is "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow", and it is 
written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in 1954. After reading the text, finding out
that the story was published in the… 322 more words

Living on the edge of carrying capacity

When it began, we were not ready. There were warning signs of course, but the human race was never good at listening.

Billions of the poor were already hungry, thirsty, and in danger every day. 1,073 more words


Overpopulation: The Environmental Movement's Third Rail

In 2014, our planet added approximately 80 million new Earthlings. That equates to the population of California, New York and Florida added to a world with depleting natural resources, unprecedented water scarcity and citizens with a “throwaway” mentality. 935 more words


The Fate of the Great (Park)

Staff Writer

A recent article in the LA Times was titled “What happened to Orange County’s Great Park?” Indeed, what exactly did happen to the Great Park? 743 more words

Sword And Shield

Pope Francis on Birth Control

Pope Francis, who has been delighting some alienated modern Catholics with his plain-spoken ideas and statements relevant to the world of the 21st century, has just made another controversial remark on one of the seemingly fossilized church doctrines on average people’s lives: the family planning. 433 more words