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RED light GREEN light... STOP!

Did you ever play this game when you were younger? All the kids on my block would gather in the empty lot and we’d play Red Rover Red Rover, Dodge Ball and Red Light Green Light. 467 more words



There are many historical forms of contraception with the most popular being birth control pills, condoms, vasectomies, and the original form which is coitus interruptus which basically means withdrawing the penis before ejaculation. 180 more words

Common Sense

Grading Bill Gates

Could you imagine Grading Bill Gates? Well Columbia University Professor Chris Blattman did just that. What did he grade? A must read for those interested in aid and development. 252 more words

I want to talk about sex

People often talk about their “calling”, what they’re supposed to do with their lives, how they want to serve God (or god, Gods, gods, whatever). I’m not religious. 406 more words

Good and Evil

Outside the weather is perfect, as if from a painting of a spring day: sun shining, the gentlest of breezes blowing, trees leafing out or in full bloom, grassy lawns fully sprouted, children playing, birds singing. 599 more words

Strombus gigas haiku epic

Pink glazed home. Desired.
“Highest source of protein here!”
Conch, used and abused.

Conch salad in lime.
It’s overpopulated.
Conch fritters in spice.

Calcified remnants, 49 more words