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Disproving denial

So I’ve talked about voice #1 – “the bitch” – the one who berates me, tells me I’m stupid, makes me feel like an awkward 12 year old girl with braces left on the side at the junior high dance. 619 more words

Second guessing...

“I feel like you’re good at standing up for yourself.”

I appreciate being told this because I am questioning myself right now and completely overthinking my behavior. 515 more words

Moving On


Today I has nothing in my mind to write about but I WANT to. Writing in between of work, I want to share an experience that overreacting or reacting instantaneously after an event makes you WEAKER, judgmental and more prone to giving up on YOURSELF and on others/things. 25 more words

Rude Email?

Hello everyone!

This has been a pretty good week so far, but there is one thing that’s been bothering me, and you all know that whenever something’s bothering me, I have to write about it. 688 more words


(2) My day was..not bad..just a little argument with my boyfriend and of course my over reaction

Hey everyone.

So if you`re reading this then I guess my first post wasn`t to boring.. yay :) Well hopefully this continues to be the case.. 616 more words

Chapter 3 - We call them secrets, but they are really lies. Lies we tell each other, lies we tell ourselves.


Though I often feel alone, I know—intellectually, at least—that I am not.

We all have our secrets, do we not? As isolating as they may feel, they are what bind us together as a race of humanity. 2,804 more words

The Novel

Everything is Okay Again

I overreacted. Is anyone surprised at this point? Because I’m not. Generally, when I’m ignoring someone and they’re ignoring me, the other person will tire of my behavior eventually and just start speaking to me again out of nowhere like nothing ever happened. 546 more words