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Shame & Guilt

One thing that has always bothered me about my depression has been the feeling of shame – I feel shameful of being depressed. I felt like showing it was a burden and that no one should have to go through the trouble with dealing with it and it should just be my problem and mine alone. 794 more words


I thought we were adults

Sometimes it feels like no matter how old I get, some people never quite grow up.

I have (more like had) this “best friend.” Kathryn. I love her to death, but our schedules completely clash and we never have time to see each other. 640 more words

My Big Adventures

You need to calm down (22 photos)

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why overreacting doesn't help depression

A couple of weeks ago someone posted this quote on Facebook. They really got some feedback, a lot of it negative. (I think some people were having a bad day.) 1,145 more words



What is the line between dramatic and ridiculous?  Is there a line or is it more of a blurry mile wide landscape full of hidden traps and crevices?   338 more words


Sensible Amy

Hi, I’m back. I’m sensible again. I reread my affirmations, had a sexy dream about Gym Guy (who’s still MIA, by the way), and I think I’ve regained my senses. 322 more words

Pile It On

“In the absence of information, we just to the worst conclusions.”
—Myra Kassim

Boy do I have a case of the Mondays today. It’s not that anything is going bad per se; I just have been fighting the negative Nancy in my head all day. 385 more words