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Pile It On

“In the absence of information, we just to the worst conclusions.”
—Myra Kassim

Boy do I have a case of the Mondays today. It’s not that anything is going bad per se; I just have been fighting the negative Nancy in my head all day. 385 more words

Monday 18 August 2014

Do you suffer from irrational thoughts? Jump to the wrong conclusion easily? Overreact to the silly things?

I’m happy enough, aren’t I? I like this new job, don’t I? 814 more words


On the War Path

Well, I feel bad, honestly, that my first post in a long time is going to be sharing with you my life’s miseries, but as usual, I will try to do so with a flare of humor. 974 more words

I Hate Flying

Tell me something, reader: Do you like flying? If so, then please explain to me why because I absolutely hate it. For those of you lucky enough to never feel the anxiety from flying, let me help you understand. 1,356 more words


Precautionary Parenting

Here’s the problem with trusting your instincts and being right about a worst-case scenario: 

You’re paranoid for the rest of your life. 

I was right last July when I insisted there was something seriously wrong with my son, even though the doctor told me it was just a virus. 443 more words

Family Life

My opinion on: The fault in our Stars

Though its a good book I think people are overreacting.
There are over 100 profiles on instagram about tfios.
50 groups on facebook named the fault in our stars (fans) 132 more words

The brain is a strange thing

I survived. Actually, all the stress was of my own making, my mind playing tricks on me.

I left early for my date so I could take a very leisurely walk. 85 more words