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Why'd I do it?

Have you ever done something stupid? Felt like when you did it you weren’t even yourself? Last night I did something so stupid. I lost something that should so important. 137 more words


Do Not Copy, Not Without Permission!

There is this girl who is copying my statuses on this popular messenger app called Whats App. Now, I do not know if she’s doing that to seek my attention or because she likes my statuses. 499 more words


As the Office Turns

“Good morning!”


Great, there’s the two new girls. I’ll give them a upbeat smile. It’s the best I can do. Did they just whisper? Are you serious right now? 371 more words

Reaction to the Overreaction: Psy feat. Snoop Dog - Hangover

Ok, so a lot of flames are stirring already around this song and it has been less than a full day since its release. Don’t believe me? 333 more words



Imagine my absolute horror when I discover that one of my bottom front teeth is feeling loose, especially considering I lost all my baby teeth about 10 years ago. 83 more words

Therapy and moms

Apparently because of my “ordeal” of having diabetes my mother wants me to try seeing/talking to a therapist. However, I think I’ve been handling this better than she has. 152 more words