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No one asked me, but.....

If he were mine, I’d speak of his heart. His courage, his tenderness. I’d speak of his compassion toward those less fortunate. His drive to make things right when they’re wrong. 71 more words

Over sharing is not caring

I have noticed more and more on social media that people have no shame in sharing absolutely every single little detail of their lives. And I do mean every single detail. 292 more words

In My Opinion

Oversharing on social media

We’ve been told by our parents since the age of AIM and Yahoo! Messenger to not share too much of ourselves online. It seems like basic knowledge, as we don’t know what kind of sick freaks are quietly observing our online profiles, but people on Facebook are consistently sharing too much information about themselves in their statuses, photos and check-ins. 459 more words

18 Shameless Behaviors Every Oversharer Is Guilty Of Doing At Least Once A Day

1. When you have big or small news to share, no matter if it’s as silly as finding the last pair of the earrings you’ve been coveting for a few weeks (which, sidenote, is always big news), you have a set list of friends in which you mass text. 784 more words

Everyone's a Preacher

I’ve been wanting to say something for awhile, but I’ve avoided the topic because I’m a Christian. And if you’re not a Christian, then you’re allergic to posts like this. 581 more words