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Letters from Cheaters

Part of a bigger project called THE LETTERS PROJECT, the LETTERS FROM CHEATERS blog is a collection of reader submitted stories about being unfaithful. The project has since closed, so you’re out of luck if you were looking to submit your own, but you can still read past submissions. 20 more words

Odds & Ends

You Went to a Concert

Dear Facebook/Instagram/Vine Friend,

I think it’s pretty rad that you went to a concert last night. I dig music. I even (like you) used to get my groove/mosh/not-trying-too-hard-head-bob on quite often. 469 more words


I'm lousy at trying to keep secrets that don't really need to be secrets

Recently, Roomie and I have come full circle on an idea that first occurred to us a long time ago when I was wasting time on the internet. 349 more words

Overshare Monday -- On Creative Production

I have an incredible friend, Tina.

What I love most about Tina is that she is the most creatively productive person I know. I continue to obsess over and examine the idea of creative productivity, and just productivity in general. 234 more words

Bait - My Blog About Important Things

Blogging about important things… I clearly don’t really know what I want to write about; I have so/too many things on my mind. And I don’t say that to appear worldly and intelligent, but to confess my mind’s habit to wander and muse to the detriment of focused activity… but regardless, writing is something I enjoy, and important things (important by my opinion) are fun to muse on. 855 more words

In this family we curse , drink, laugh, overshare, yell, hug, and tell inappropriate jokes. That’s what family is for.

Overshare Mondays -- Because Why Not

Oversharing. Big fan.

I realized that I had been needing to create some kind of blog, or art, or music, or film, or business. I f&cking hate the term creative outlet, but you can call it that if it helps you put the pieces together. 199 more words