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Putting kids on Facebook.. How much is too much? Part 1.

I will be the first to admit that I tend to overshare my little guy on Facebook and Instagram

Before SJ came along I really didn’t want his whole life displayed on the World Wide Web. 179 more words


The Honesty Series Part Two: The First Few Days

The Fox was born at 12.30pm on the Saturday before Mother’s Day last year. We had chosen The Women’s hospital as we were going public and lived inner city at the time. 824 more words


The Breakdown Leads to a Game Changer

Its the Fourth of July and I’m spending it for the first time completely alone. Usually all my extended family gathers at my cabin and its a big shebang… This year I am at school in Texas. 834 more words

The Honesty Series - Part One: Pregnancy

Recently I was speaking with a family friend who happens to be a maternal child health nurse. We were discussing the moment a woman first meets her newborn baby, when all the hard work is over and the most anticipated event of a pregnant woman’s existence is upon her and as she locks eyes with her child she realises that the rush of unconditional love everyone talks about, that she was waiting for all these months, isn’t happening. 819 more words


5 People Everyone Secretly Hates But Never Confronts

There are many people we come across every day – people that we secretly judge, but don’t actually have the time to care about or confront. 1,540 more words