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I'm Just That Cool

I’ve seen many people rocking the “just-got-out-of-bed-I’m-just-that-cool” look ;-). A simple plain large tee. Just one big, huge, gargantuan white t-shirt. All white. Underneath that, obviously you need your underclothes and the like, but you get the point. 99 more words


Here be munsters

Yeah yeah yeah herr munster
gurning on your gurney like a puppet on a string
grinning like a brass babboon
it don’t mean a thing if it aint swinging like a a carrot… 58 more words


Treating a 1950s TSLAC Scrapbook

Scrapbooks pose unique challenges in conservation. They often feature a wide variety of rapidly deteriorating modern materials and adhesives. Full treatment is typically difficult to justify among other priorities, so strategies of stabilization, digitization, and reformatting are often pursued. 207 more words


Free Air

Pumpin  gas into the vehicle
clock tickin over the rate is maniacal

fearing is ambivalent
some feelings are transient
some are just art
‘xcuse me while i piss in the dark… 388 more words


How to solve the my-prints-are-too-big-to-store-without-a-plan-chest problem

1. Measure the prints. 77cm x113cm? That Somerset is sizeable!

2. Try to track down a suitable mill board but go to B&Q to buy hardboard.   172 more words


Black, grey and white


So I’m not at work today (yay) I was yesterday though, and I felt positively, awful, full blown summer cold 😞, I’m not *quite* as bad today but still feeling a little shabby, so out come the comfort clothes (patten emerging anyone?). 35 more words