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The October Project: Search Terms

Every month I try to answer the questions people typed into search engines to find this place as if they were questions people asked me. I add punctuation, but I leave the text alone. 986 more words

Reader Questions

#631: How do I break the news that I'm moving in with my boyfriend to my conservative family?

Dear Captain Awkward,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about four years, and have known each other for about ten. We’ve known for awhile that we want to marry each other but extenuating circumstances, etc. 794 more words

Reader Questions

#629: I can't stop comparing people to my "perfect" ex and #630: Why won't he make a move?

Hi Captain,

About six months ago, I had to move to the other side of the country for a new job. My now ex-boyfriend and I decided to try out the long distance relationship thing, but then he told me that he would never move to be with me. 1,394 more words

Reader Questions

#624: My friends can't read my husband's emotions they way I can, so they hurt his feelings by accident.

Dear Captain Awkward:

My husband is very expressive of his emotions; the problem is, he’s also very subtle about it. I’ve had half-joking chats with his BFF (we’ll call him Adam) about the subtle distinctions between the sigh that means “I’m pretending to be offended because you’re playfully teasing me” and the sigh that means “I’m actually really hurt but I don’t want to make a scene”; it’s as clear as day to me and Adam, but sounds identical to onlookers. 1,275 more words

Reader Questions