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One-Man War Machine

“So how was the stag do?”

“Amazing! Went paint-balling and I absolutely destroyed the opposition. A new side of me came out. I was… commanding. Me! 224 more words

Overthinking It

#654 Am I "sex negative" if I don't enjoy it when my friend brings up sex in every single conversation with me?

Hello Awkwardeers,

I recently got back in touch online with an old friend who I am genuinely excited to be reconnecting with after more than a decade. 1,465 more words


Pilates - A Hard Pill to Swallow

My fiancée dragged me along to a pilates class this week. Pilates is the very worst name for it. I do not pilat, especially not with ease. 548 more words

Overthinking It

#652: Operation: How Do I People?

Dear Captain Awkward,

So, I’m turning 30, and I don’t know how to interact with people. I think it’s because I’ve had OCD from at least the age of 9—real OCD, with repugnant obsessions about incest and such, not “I color coordinate my sock drawer”—and like a lot of people I kept it a secret. 4,117 more words

Reader Questions

What's In a Name?

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m CJ. Only I’m not, of course. That is, called CJ – I am very pleased to meet you. Honest. You’re looking lovely. 498 more words

Overthinking It

The Science of Sharing

Counter to the opinions of Gordon Gekko, greed is not good. Sharing is good. I would have thought this kind of Sesame Street thinking was something he could get behind, considering his entire life is brought to you by the letter G. 324 more words

Overthinking It

Shoreditch and Me - A Match Made in Convenience

I suffer from a common condition of chronic uncoolness. Many people in Britain share this affliction, but go on to lead normal lives. I was one of them – that is until I started living and working in Shoreditch. 290 more words

Overthinking It