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When Programs Write Programs

Humans are crappy coders. If an AI ever exists, it will completely reshape how we use programs.

Cyborg APps

#600: How do I "help" my friend (my friend I'm totally in love with)?

Dear Captain,

In essence, I absolutely adore this girl, but there’s someone else, and she has problems being away from home. As a disclaimer: this isn’t some crush, or the case of a naïve adolescent. 3,326 more words

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#599: It's awkward when I run into my former students. How can I get better at these interactions?

Dear Captain Awkward,

This question is not so much about a single major situation or a crisis as it is about a recurring, if minor, situation that I encounter again and again. 3,429 more words

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#597: How do I learn to take criticism better?

Dear Captain,

I have always been way too sensitive to criticism. In high school we had an assignment where we had to ask our loved ones what they thought our best and worst personality traits were, and EVERYONE told me that I take things too personally. 2,427 more words

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Infringement Cinema - A defense of the pirate's worldview against its critics

In my never-ending quest to publicly disagree with every opinion I dislike, I today turn my attention to the wonderful website that is Overthinking It… 2,519 more words

Intellectual Property

Guest Post: Breaking The Low Mood Cycle

Hello friends! It’s Elodie Under Glass here with a guest post on Low Moods.

I particularly want to thank Quisty, Kellis Amberlee and TheOtherAlice   3,676 more words

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#593: "You're not invited", a "use your words" classic.


I have a question about dealing with a Geek Social Fallacy #5 carrier, with a work-related twist.

I have a live-in position and a good working relationship with the other live-in staff members. 1,056 more words

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