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Change of attitude!

I don’t know if its an introvert thing or a scorpion thing or just me but I observe too much. And I remember everything. Things that matter to me. 136 more words


I went to watch the new film Divergent tonight with some good friends. 

I walked out with the overwhelming feeling that I had seen this plot before (and no, I’m not referring to the novels – I haven’t read those). 392 more words

Let's Talk For A Moment


I overthink things,
nothing gets done.

an assembly line of thoughts,
defective words

thoughts get wrung
like wet clothes on spin cycle.

written by: Kimalee Jones




I’ve fallen apart.

It’s all too much, it’s overwhelming, my mind can’t comprehend what’s happening and has officially shut down. I’m at a point where part of me doesn’t want to go so not to see him disappointed by me and feel the rejection. 136 more words

Don’t overthink life…

I recently watched a couple of videos about a home improvement product that is used in level out uneven floors. It’s a simple thing, really; just mix it up and pour it on the floor. 467 more words


Anime and the World, Part 1: Live-Action Hollywood

It’s been a while since I’ve done a real long series.  These are always fun and interesting things for me to write about.

Anime is a genre which exists on a global stage.  1,539 more words