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25th October 2014 - Rant #48.

I think what the root or source of my sadness is is that I like to reminisce and recall whatever good memories I had in the past and over-think. 159 more words

Cutting the silent names

Tonight, I’ve been going through the “blogs” menu on my bookmarks list and noting that some of them have been on there for 8 or 9 years. 307 more words

Communication Skills

If the shoe fits...

As I was looking through a few of my old pieces, I stumbled across this one on my computer. I was a radically different person when I wrote this six months or so ago, but this piece is still fits. 434 more words

The Screens They Carried

A few weeks ago, my sons and I sat in the waiting room at the allergist’s office as we do once a week. My eldest and I, both introverted observers, like to sit and look at the bustle of life going on around us. 1,248 more words


Anime and the World, Part 3: Animated Television

Anime has influenced the greater world of entertainment by its existence. I have previously noted this effect in the areas of live-action film and animated film… 2,506 more words


White Rain

The apple of our sins, coat it with the blood of our desires. Sweet,  salacious, supple; let these vices overwhelm. You asked for the moon, I gave it to you. 254 more words

Life Updates

Thursday evening

I’m at my mums place, we cooked vegetarian style, she’s hosting a dinner. I’m the help.

I have some wine in me, so just chilling while doing dishes and writing this rather meaningless post, about nothing. 326 more words