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On The Road 7

Started the morning watching a guy send out the saddest text message.

He kept texting a girl named Veronica who never answered his last text. How do I know that? 404 more words

A Moment Of Zen

Finding a Direction

My mind works in wondrous and mysterious ways, for good and for bad.

One of which is a self-torturing almost abusive way of refusing my body to go to sleep at night. 1,070 more words

Just be

People tend to lose themselves as soon as they start overthinking who they are.


Overthinking & Problems I Create For Myself By Overthinking

I’m an overthinker.

I overthink everything (including overthinking about overthinking).

I spend so much time thinking about doing things when I should be doing them. 841 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

Overthinking and Writing.

I write. That’s (obviously) how I get my stuff out, right? Does that make me a writer or someone who writes? When I was on my trip, I decided that I wanted to be a writer. 1,411 more words


Daily overthinking thought.

Do you feel the same as I do? The awkwardness around us. The fake smiles. The desperation of not knowing what is happening through our minds. 168 more words