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My Program, My Path

I chose my program yesterday!

I’ll be starting DBT therapy in early October, with three other college aged people (which is nice and coincidental). It’ll be once or twice a week. 476 more words


Words # 1

Don’t think up

Don’t think back

Think straight


16/04/2014 Family Therapy

I was told this morning that my snack in the canteen with staff was today and not Friday as previously agreed (this is to be a practice for snack in the canteen with Lee on the weekend) I hate surprises, especially when there food related. 601 more words


I don't want a cycle of recycled revenge!

Okay most of the time I am all for taking the high road etc but sometimes like right now I have a sudden craving for karma. 74 more words

I. Don't. Know.

Oh, the woes of being 22. Definitely an anxiety-inducing age. Found employment very soon after graduation (yay me), yet I kind of dread my job. It’s made me second guess what I thought I wanted to do. 209 more words

Tough Question...

This one’s prompted by an astonishing conversation with a friend – when I discovered not everyone thinks like this… Tell me I’m not alone? Anyone?


Overthinkers Anonymous

Hi, I’m Mili and I’m a chronic overthinker.

Phew, that took me a long time to admit. I’ve even been contemplating (read: overthinking) whether or not I should write about this and I decided to bite the bullet. 272 more words