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You know, even though we’re not together anymore…

I still overthink.

What is he doing right now… Is he out with his friends.. Is he checking out other girls.. 135 more words


Elsa? We need to have a word...

Alright, everyone in the world has seen the disney movie Frozen by now and if you haven’t, you must not have a young child or you live under a rock. 845 more words


It doesn't have to be so complicated

All too often, one of the barriers to living your best life is simply over thinking things. From the personal spaces we build, to the decisions we make day-to-day, life doesn’t have to be as complicated as our ¬†monkey minds make it. 512 more words

Blissful Life

I think a lot more than I used to

I think a lot more than I used to.
I’ve always had questions burning in my mind
But lately these glowing embers
Have kindled to a forest fire… 44 more words


Advice #3: Sleep

This may seem stupid. And obvious. But when I was really struggling to cope with my depression, I was not able to sleep very well due to the my irrational thoughts taking over my mind. 150 more words

I wish that just one day you could live in my brain.
Set up a nice little home for yourself.
With a huge, comfortable bed. 24 more words



I am not really a worrier. I am just overly curious. Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Is there any meaning at all? 204 more words