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What Is Happening In Mexico Right Now?

We Are Change, Nov 21, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest developments in Mexico as protesters are kean on overthrowing their government.
Time: 06:39

Mexico Is Trying To Overthrow Their Government

We Are Change, 11/2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest situation unfolding in Mexico.
Time: 06:55


Getting Organized - My First Battle Plan

I spent about five hours last night downloading financials, minutes, bylaws, covenants, amendments, etc. from our HOA site.

First, there’s a LOT of stuff missing. I wonder if it’s intentionally missing, or if it’s just irresponsible uploading. 785 more words


My First Meeting - An Exercise in Annoyance

I went to my very first meeting this week. It was everything I feared it would be, and more. We had it all:

  • Pushy, inciting HOA Community Management Supervisor – This is the person the HOA has hired to help “manage” the community.
  • 511 more words

How I Got Here - A HOA Catastrophe

About three years ago, I naively moved into a HOA neighborhood. When I was looking at the house, I asked a few people whether that was a mistake, and was told, “Probably not.” Or, “Usually they’re reasonable – just keep your yard mowed.” 399 more words


The USS Boston leaves Hawaii, 1893.

That Wicked Eel Has Left.

On this day, the American warship Boston left the harbor and the land of which it assisted in persecuting and stealing its independence with the missionary descendants from Boston. 42 more words