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Why You Can’t Believe Nary a Word You Read About ISIS

Source: Consortium News, by WILLIAM BLUM 10/2014

All of Washington’s Horses and All of Washington’s Men…

You can’t believe a word the United States or its mainstream media say about the current conflict involving The Islamic State (ISIS). 409 more words

War On Terror

: now under new management :

There’s been a coup, ladies and gentlemen.

My brain, pictured above, has overthrown my thyroid, pictured below, and seized control of operations. Hey, don’t look at me; I’m just as surprised as you are. 343 more words


By Any Means Necessary

There is a common misconception in the United States that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr alone brought about the Civil rights movement. In fact, he, along with other peaceful protesters, were a very small factor in bringing about actual legislative change. 510 more words

Rants On Controversial Issues

Would Obama Use ISIS Warfare to Topple A Sovereign Country's Leader?

The headline above is mine, read the following article to see how I came to that conclusion. Remember, there is still no concensus as to who took down flight MH17 over Ukraine which the US is pinning on “Putin supported rebels” – Mr BlackSheep… 99 more words


Stephen Kinzer Quote.

Kinzer, S. (2006). Overthrow: America’s century of regime change from Hawaii to Iraq. New York: Times Books/Henry Holt.