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Kahikina Kelekona, John G. M. Sheldon, editor of the Hawaii Holomua, arrested for speaking, 1893.


Has Anybody Any Rights Under the Provisional Government?

Argument of the Question in the Circuit Court.

John G. M. Sheldon, editor of the Holomua, who is deprived of his liberty under a warrant issued by the President of the Provisional Government, was produced in the First Circuit Court before Judge Frear, at 11 o’clock this forenoon, under a writ of habeas corpus. 2,423 more words

Aloha Aina

On Aloha Aina, 1893.

“Breathes there a man with soul so dead,
Who never to himself hath said,
This is my own my native land.”

Many of those who support honestly the present state of affairs, have done so in the full hope and belief, that thereby the flag of their country—the Stars and Stripes—will float over the land in perpetuity. 337 more words


An Unexpected Turn of Events

Dearest Maria,

If you are reading this, then I am unable to contact you until further notice. This is my only chance to get word out of Chile. 573 more words


Daily Writing Prompt #260

The evil overlord is actually quite partial to the idea of being overthrown by a hero, and makes every effort to be overthrown. Unfortunately, the hero is stupid.


Current Iran "Crisis" Began With Overthrow of Democratically Elected Government in 1953


Tanks in the streets of Tehran, 1953. (Photo: Wikipedia)

In Manufactured Crisis, investigative journalist Gareth Porter details the manipulation and fabrications that have accompanied the current Iranian nuclear situation. 1,829 more words

Unearthing Metal's Dark Roots

The genre of heavy metal is f*****g huge. It’s no longer a genre where maybe one kid in the entire school is into it; it’s now a common and globally-known entity. 642 more words