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Weight Loss Wednesday

* I wanted to include some before photos, but I have to do more digging than expected, so stay tuned next Wednesday *

I’ve decided to add a little segment to my blog that I’m going to call Weight Loss Wednesday. 788 more words


Inspiration For Change

Here it is, the finished product.
So pleased with how it turned out.

Not so pleased with the body inside it though, and this is one of the more flattering photos taken tonight. 273 more words


Gymming - Week One

ot going to lie, I’m pretty sure I’ve written this kind of post before. And I’ll KEEP WRITING IT until I win.

Recently saw a number on the scale that made me hyperventilate. 229 more words


Finland is fat

So I was for some reason I can’t remember anymore, googling the most fattest nations in the world and I found out that Finland is ranked number 10th of the most fattest developed countries in the world. 293 more words


The orthopedic surgeon and Mom: 2 Me: Zip. Zero.

I was just reminded that I was a fat kid. Not that I need reminding. Every time I walk up to someone who knew me when I was young, I see the reflection of a kid wearing a Pretty Plus dress, taking up more iris space than she should, while eating a slice of pizza. 128 more words

Dear Me.

Dear Me,
There’s a lot to say to you. But first of all, I hate you. I hate everything about you. I hate your weight, your face, your smile, the way your nose scrunches up together when you laugh. 772 more words