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US - Hiring discrimination for smokers and obese does get very much support

Fewer than one in eight Americans, 12%, say companies should be allowed to refuse to hire people because they are significantly overweight. Similarly, 14% of Americans say companies should be allowed to refuse to hire smokers. 20 more words

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How to Manage Childhood Obesity

Even teenagers and young children these days do find themselves asking the question “Why am I overweight?” According to experts, incidence of childhood obesity is continuously increasing. 494 more words


Waiting patiently for metamorphosis

As you’ve probably read there isn’t a lot I can do nowadays, well physically mostly bit I do struggle with concentrating too, but I’m getting very impatient with these caterpillars! 73 more words

Chronic Pain

C210K - Week 7 - Day 3 Repeat

Okay….I may be a giant vagina but I’m not a quitter. There is no way I’m going to walk away without even trying the longer runs. 188 more words

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Most fat kids don't think they are

Most children and teens who are overweight think that they are actually the right weight, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds. 475 more words


Who Taught Me to Hate Morning Veg?

So it’s early on Day 3 I am going to try something ridiculous, mind-boggling and, frankly, dangerous. I am going to try vegetables with my morning eggs. 296 more words


Are you overweight? Maybe you're overacid!

I had to borrow ^this title^ from Tony Robbins (thanks Tony!) He has been passionate about the acid/alkaline connection and how it affects our bodies for years. 712 more words

Food And Fasting