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My friend and… let me tell you about this naturopath diet…

I had told dear friend Maryanne about the progress of my book and she listened intently like the loyal and beautiful friend that she is. She has heard about this book and the way I eat for about two years now, so perhaps it is sounding more like blah, blah, blah to her now. 460 more words

Losing Weight

Fit vs Healthy

Is there a difference in fit and healthy?  Can you be one without being the other??

As a very regular exerciser and professional in the health and fitness industry I often hear “Oh you workout, you can eat whatever you want.”  Not only do I hear it, but see it as our clients workout and feel as though that means they can slack off on the nutrition piece.  106 more words

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starting over

I forgot how much I loved spilling my guts to strangers on the internet until I rediscovered this blog!  I created it a year ago in hopes that it would keep me motivated on a new weight loss journey.  484 more words

Weight loss advice anyone?

Hi guys, so… I’m finishing school for study leave on May 23rd, and apart from my exams, I basically have 12-13 weeks off, and I really want to stick it out at the gym and classes etc, I was just wondering if any of you have any advice for me? 42 more words

Binge Eating

How to Lose Ten Pounds in a Week

I stood before the yogurt case contemplating my grocery needs. A young woman rushed up. “I need to lose ten pound next week,” she said to no one in particular. 476 more words


Why Did I Do That, What Was I Thinking

A simple way to look at this question is to understand two distinct parts of our brain that are responsible for two distinct types of thinking. 926 more words


8 Challenges That Overweight People Live With Every Day

Travel Is Hard 

Whether you’re on an airplane, bus, or even a train. As long as it gets a little bit crowded (especially during peak hours on the train) people automatically assume you’re the cause for some crazy reason. 757 more words