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General Ricardo Bermúdez presenting evidence from an official UFO investigation

This is an excerpt from Gen. Ricardo Bermúdez’s presentation at the 2012 International UFO Congress, detailing the “Pelican Case,” a UFO encounter that involved two airliners and a navy plane called Pelican. 204 more words


November 14th 2014 : Meteorite Explosion In Russia 2014, What Is That? Huge Flash Of Light In Sky Raises Suspicion

 A huge flash in the night sky over Russia is raising suspicions after the authorities refuse to comment on its cause.

The eruption lit up the sky near Yekaterinburg for 11 seconds in what appeared to a major aerial explosion. 153 more words


Bird-Like UFOs Fly in V Formation Over Mexico

Eight strange objects or some may call them UFOs, caught the attention of many media outlets. The event reportedly happened on January 26, 2013. The International Business Times reported that the video of the sighting shows unusual objects flying in a synchronised manner, which make some to think that they are birds. 191 more words