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Moonrise . . .

No this isn’t Cortez NM . . . it’s the moon over the White Mountains in Owens Valley after a day of cloudbursts when the… 94 more words

Walking Tha Blog

“There It Is. Take it”: Los Angeles, the Owens Valley & the California Water Wars (A Primer)

The first in a two-part Summer Vacation series

As of the beginning of this month, I’ve been in California, more specifically Los Angeles, for seven years. 1,373 more words

A Tribute To Manzanar

There’s a certain feeling when one visits a spot such as Manzanar.  It’s not a place known by many but has significant historical meaning.  For as long as I have been visiting Mammoth Lakes, which is over 23 years, we have driven up the 395 and passed what used to be one of ten Japanese internment camps during WWII.   409 more words

Healthy Me

July 27, 1976: Legionnaire’s Disease in Philadelphia; 1905: Consideration of Owens Valley Water Supply for Los Angeles

July 27, 1976: Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in Philadelphia. “On July 21, 1976, the American Legion opened its annual three-day convention at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 538 more words


another Cliven Bundy?

The Indians that made this stuff didn’t think it was anything special. They used it and tossed it aside. It was just used junk to them.

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Timely Topics

July 22, 1914: Chlorine and Pet Canary; 1962: Oily Birds; 1935: Mulholland Dies

July 22, 1914: Canary has sore wings. As chlorine began to be used throughout the U.S., some people were convinced that chlorine was bad for them and enlisted the help of their pets’ maladies to prove their point. 329 more words


Owens Valley

A little over one week ago my parents (the Burnsides) packed up their house, loaded into their RV, rented out their home and hit the road to live in the RV full time.   185 more words