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Transformer owl

Arrived in Largs today for the viking festival. Among other friends Nicky was there with her fantastic little Scops owl. It’s a great transformer – at the sight of a dog it changes from a cute little fluffy ball with big eyes to a slim, pointy, dracula like creature with slits for eyes. 37 more words


Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl 

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These two pictures were taken by a homeowner who lives south of Ashland at about 3100′. This Great Gray Owl was perched on her porch. The owl stayed around for some photo ops then flew back into the forest. 78 more words


Evening loop around Wattlefield & Spooner Row

Today I managed to get Kenn out for a wee ride. We only went 9.05 miles but it was very nice, We rode past a lot of stubble fields – we must have missed most of the actual harvesting due to being fed up and not riding – and we’ve noticed that they are all gridded up ready for the ploughing competition that’s taking place on the 14th September. 157 more words


Stüdyo : Çağdaş Al Tattoo

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