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Wise Advice

Along the way, I’ve received a lot of wise photography advice, including

“never let the length of your lens keep you from a shot - just move closer,” 63 more words

Great Horned Owl Sighting

This morning we set off on a familiar mountain bike trail, only we rode the trail in reverse from our normal route.  It’s like magic – a whole new trail!  363 more words


Where is MiniMe?

Unfortunately, we still do not know. We hear the owls hunting at dawn and dusk. They have been spotted on the docks, in the trees and on The ISLAND. 313 more words


Nesting owls near High River

A nest east of High River that I have watched for a few years is home to a new brood of Great Horned Owl ( 146 more words


MiniMe Still MIA

MiniMe is still missing in action (MIA). The photo above is the other bigger owlet (we think). Also know as Klingon, Twinkle Toes, Happy Feet and Big Foot. 498 more words


Owling for owlets

Great Horned Owls were actively courting and hooting in January, and I made several excursions into the backyard to find their nest (I never did find it), an activity I dubbed “ 357 more words


One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

MiniMe is MIA. After its near fatal traumatic swimming experience crossing the creek on Wednesday, Marsh 26th, Mm spent almost all night in the nest tree. 751 more words