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The Ox : A narrow life

Bordering an agricultural plain, at the foot of a row of hills, there was a small town.  A road led from the plain through the town directly to one of the hills and steeply up its side, to a high valley beyond.  483 more words


Top 10 Restaurants in Ireland

After a year of dining well, Katy McGuinness chooses the ten restaurants she’d most like to dine at again … and again 1,169 more words

From the Brooklyn Bridge to the Ox Cart

When you get kicked whilst you are down it sometimes makes you not want to get up again, you feel an intrinsic level of worthlessness when you’re in the dark recesses of kerbside gutter thinking and a quiet choking supercedes any teeny tiny light of hope at the end of the poxy tunnel you’re supposed to be holding onto…. 704 more words


Secrets of the Crèche

Perhaps like our family you have recently set up a nativity to help celebrate Advent.

It is a wonderful thing.

The different pieces are set carefully into place. 520 more words


2014-11-26 Day of the Covenant, Xīn Chǒu, Kūkolu, Śukla Chaturthi

November 26, 2014

Wednesday (Mercury day 4/7)

Day of the Covenant {Bahá’í}: The festival commemorates Baha’u’llah’s appointment of his eldest son, ‘Abdu’l-Baha, as the Center of His Covenant. 147 more words


A Thankful for Sunday

Today I am thankful for all the furry friends in my life – past, present, and future. They shower me with unconditional love, and when they joyfully greet me, they always bring a smile to my face even after the roughest of days. 456 more words


Limericks Week 47 – A Journey to Oz

Its #wizardofoz week! here on my limericks pinterest page.

I post these little gems on my twitter feed… its all pretty simple and it has been helping me get myself in a creative mood in the morning. 49 more words

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