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Biodiversity challenge - Kouprey

The Ex Ox Factor

How now,
Khmer cow?
Woeful lack of kouprey data,
Short supply of oxy gen.
Never seen
Since 1988;
May mean
We’re too late…

30 more words

the ox & the butterfly.

Embrace me
in this tangible darkness
on the edge of infinity.

I sweat sacredness
and you are the cool wind
that seals the sweet salt… 75 more words

Life & Lifestyle

Trying to Escape Death: Part I

Angry stampedes of grey and black bodies of Oxen are rummaging through the desert at lighting speed. The sound of millions of hoofs clamoring down on the clay, while dramatic music and a choir exemplify the danger of these beasts. 24 more words


Trying to Escape Death: Part II

Mufasa is bobbing and weaving in and out of these Oxen, his majestic red mane flowing through the wind as he’s rushing to try and grab his son, Simba, from a hanging tree limb that is sticking out like an island in the middle of the Oxen. 81 more words


Trying to Escape Death: Part III

Simba is freighten, looking up the mile high Oxen, trying to figure out a way to get out of harms way. Mufasa swoops in, grabbing Simba again by the mouth, and swiftly B-lining to get up on the rock for safety. 86 more words


The Plunge of Death

As Mufasa is clinging desperately into the side of the mountain rock, he’s calling out for help from his brother, Scar. Musfasa is slowly sliding up and down, up and down, while no answer from Scar, who is watching over the whole scene. 120 more words