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Ox tracks

As a child I discovered the Redtail flying, circling slowly on the breeze. I embraced the sunlight on my check, and played in the trees, branches, strong, weak, swaying, hanging from. 64 more words


What is man?

What is man? For ages man has been searching and continues to search for his identity. Is man another beast of the field who bestows bestiality on others. 271 more words

Prophet Dave Alleyne

Thought of the day....

Are you strong like OX or strong like MOUSE?

My Life

Artusi - Peckham

Artusi is one of the new restaurants drawing foodies to Peckham, a now slightly odd mix of middle class gentrification, seedy run-down shops and bars, and a new influx of hipsters as it’s only a few stops from Shoreditch on the Overground. 459 more words


Jesus is... the stronger ox.

It’s easy to read through the Bible and hear metaphors, that we then take at face value. But these metaphors would have been heard by the original hearers of the words with great power/meaning and would’ve created great movement of the heart and conviction in some. 1,445 more words

Jesus Is

Have a beast of a date here

Fairly new to Ashley Cross, the OX is both a pub restaurant and boutique hotel. Decorated in a rustic, but modern, style this beautiful high-ceiling building is light and airy. 147 more words


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It seems that life has never changed in the last 1,000 years in Bagan. The sun rises and sets the same way, people are working the fields the same way. 13 more words