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April 23: The importance of interfaces: a study with LMSO thin films

Valencia et al., Intrinsic antiferromagnetic/insulating phase at manganite surfaces and interfaces. Journal of Physical and Condensed Matter, 2014; 26 (16).

A lot of times people are concerned about the contents or structure of something, but oftentimes it’s the interface that really matters. 287 more words

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Walt Disney pipe –AJ Verstraten (aka Bananabox-Ninja)

I am happy to see AJ back at his refurbishing work and writing about what he is working on. This pipe is particularly interesting in that it is a Disney Pipe. 586 more words

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Copper has such character!

I really enjoy the vitality and richness of color that copper takes on. This particular piece has been slowly cooled, and has been oxidizing while it waits for me finish other components.

Bewlay Beauty and the Playboy Meer Beast - Robert M. Boughton

It is once again my pleasure to present an article by Robert Boughton. Robert has written several pieces on his work in refurbishing pipes. He always has a great way of not only describing the process he uses in the work but also does very thorough research into the background of the pipe brands he works on. 1,641 more words

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Getting back in the saddle - AJ Verstraten

It is a pleasure to post another article by AJ Verstraten aka Bananabox-Ninja. It has been a while since he has been able to do any refurbs do to some health issues he had to deal with. 714 more words

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