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The eyes have it

Second only to the heart, the eyes have perhaps been the body part that have most attracted the poets, the writers and the hopelessly romantic throughout history – Shakespeare referenced the eyes over 500 times in his writing (the heart more than double that, but the brain less than one hundred times).  479 more words

Graded Motor Imagery

I was recently asked by a dear music producer friend of mine to lay down some of my song lyrics.i have been writing songs since i could write and so i greet this opportunity with both nerves and excitement .Initially i intended just to sell him the lyrics for younger,hipper singers but he wants me to sing some myself and today i recorded the rough copy of the song i want to perform .my inspiration for my songs comes from experiences or stories or people I’ve encountered (a bit like my books do) .Todays song came from a conversation i had with an old friend .and four words that inspired me to throw this one together .Im really pleased with it.ive never been a go-retreat-for-five -months kind of lyricist .This one was written in under an hour and its the one i want to put my voice to.😊So i dedicate this one to you Mr.B .for teaching me about Oxytocin. 😚


Oxytocin Tied to Muscle Regeneration

According to an article recently completed by the Pacific Standard, a new study conducted by the University of California-Berkeley shows a connection between oxytocin and muscle regeneration.   303 more words

Dr. Morgan Camp

Love Potion

Perhaps you’ve seen it floating around the Internet. There are some variations, but it looks something like this:

It represents the organic compound oxytocin, which has been linked with the human emotion of love. 562 more words


Let's stop enabling Bad Boys and Rapists: Confronting Masculinity through Darwinian Biology and Democratic values

It is widely accepted that many Women release oxytocin after Sex. This hormone is responsible for bonding and affection, hence the name “Love Hormone.” This biological fact illuminates obvious advantages of this behavior, assuming the natural behavior of reciprocal altruism, for a Woman is practically immobilized when pregnant. 521 more words


September Nostalgia

She came out of nowhere in my life. Before I could take my regular dominating stand, her skin as flawless as the minuscule grains of sand had already occupied the dark corners of my mind. 296 more words


Recent Science News (9/7/14)

A New Volcano Study…

suggests that some parts of our fundamental theories may be wrong.  When looking at a textbook picture of a volcano, you’d probably think that hot magma shoots up through narrow lava tubes (“Mantle plumes”) from the center of the earth.   334 more words