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Oasis Wellness Empowerment Series #2: Disempowering Patients through Fear, Coercion, and Force

Please note that we will be phasing out this blog page. But don’t despair! You can all of our blogs over on our Oasis Wellness website, w… 1,116 more words


The Size of the Dog

In the hazy light of retrospect I can still see her lying there on the hospital bed scowling at me. She was clutching her baby as if she’d won it in a game in which she’d cheated. 2,137 more words

Moving Science: The Oxytocin Case Report

This is just a quickie – but I needed to let you know that a while back I decided to write up my Oxytocin ‘findings’ as a Case Report so it can be submitted to a scientific journal. 534 more words

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Scientists say they have found a cure for fear

If love can’t conquer all, at least now there’s hope that it conquers fear.

Researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany found that doses of oxytocin can help eliminate fear. 282 more words

Oxytocin strikes again!

Does the book make the oxytocin or does the fact the person has brought a book mean that they make more oxytocin? Either way, books are GREAT :D


Hormones, Peccadillos, and Other Annoyances

One of my favorite hormones was featured in a recent Mental Floss article by Jessica Hullinger titled “6 Fascinating Facts About Oxytocin, the ‘Love’ Hormone.” Oxytocin’s “released by the hypothalamus during physical intimacy, and during breastfeeding to facilitate mother-child bonding,” Hullinger wrote. 659 more words

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