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ASMR videos: relaxing or creepy?

The term “creepy” is often used by individuals to describe ASMR videos which they find disturbing.

This is curious to me.

Why is it that two individuals can watch the same video and one person feels relaxed by it and the other person feels creeped out by it? 954 more words


Study break time - in need of a hug!!!

OMG – “Social Statistics for a Diverse Society” and “The Craft of Research” may be the death of me tonight, if the inability to breathe doesn’t kill me first.   508 more words

Beach Snapshots

The origin of...Oxytocin

“That’s what falling in love really amounted to, your brain on drugs. Adrenaline and dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Chemical insanity, celebrated by poets.” Tess Gerritsen… 447 more words

The Human Body

Affirmation, Gratitude and Appreciation

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, believe that I have the power to effect my life by being aware of my emotions, my vibrations and my intentions. So today I do my best to keep my thoughts directed towards constructive, kind thoughts. 402 more words

Happiness Heals

Relationship bonding

There are three types of bonding between a man and a woman–sexual attraction, romantic bonding, and platonic bonding–and all contribute to the strength of a relationship. 260 more words


The Hug

The sky was filled with low hanging clouds, and rain had been falling for about twelve hours, sometimes in big drops that would echo as they hit the aluminum patio awning, but for the most part it was a constant drizzle. 2,171 more words




Cuddling is a bonding time. It is the best, if not the most important, means of physical affection. It garners closeness’s, increases jovialness and shows great affection. 369 more words