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Study: No Link Between Inducing Labor And Risk Of Autism

By KYW medical editor Dr. Brian McDonough

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One of the concerns during labor is when it does not progress rapidly enough, potentially harming the unborn baby. 119 more words


The Importance of Touch

When was the last time you were involved in a hug or a handshake?  How often will you give a guiding hand, pat on the shoulder or a warm embrace to another?   567 more words


Stay home as long as possible during early labor!

Stay home as long as possible during early labor! (If having a hospital or birthing center birth)

We have all seen the movies where a pregnant woman’s water breaks, her partner rushes her to the hospital (or barely makes it in time to see his/ her baby born) and the baby is born soon after being taken to her hospital room. 804 more words

Hugs Are The Universal Medicine

So, my best friend is away for two weeks.
And it’s the holidays.
And I’m revising.
My human contact is virtually non existent.
And it’s slowly driving me insane. 281 more words

Leaving Footprints In My Heart

Enjoy Easter: A King's Resurrection - the roar of Easter over culture

I ador friendship. Let me tell you how hard it is to sustain friendship under stress.  I love Sashta’a angle on FriendshiP;

Today is National Best Friend Day: How to Make a BFF…

889 more words
AA Meetings

Oxytocin Part 2

So, we know how we came to discover it, but how do we get an oxytocin fix and why would we want one?

Ok, here comes the big list….deep breath. 610 more words


Bercermin merupakan salah satu hal yang tidak dilewatkan setiap hari. Well…hari ini aku bercermin sambil berbincang-bincang dengan diriku sendiri dalam hati.
“Hey there! Aku bete deh! 230 more words