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What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a able hormone. When we hug or kiss a admired one, oxytocin levels drive up. It aswell acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. 110 more words

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This video will change how you think about stress... and maybe even save your life

In studying the science of happiness, it’s interesting how sometimes you get a new perspective on the same thing or several different perspectives come into one and reveal something new. 99 more words


Your Dog Loves You (It's a Scientific Fact)

Did you hear?  It is a scientific fact that your dog loves you!

How can that be proven?  Before we get into that, let me refresh your memory on what… 550 more words


Got Placenta?...

*** Updated 8/21 – When Bridget got her iron level checked pre-delivery it was at 10.6 g/dL. Today after one week supplementing with the placenta pills, it was 12.9 g/dL. 2,896 more words

Ah, that romantic ballad called "Neuropeptide Love, Baby"

Love roller-coasters or scary movies?  Do you love sweet snacks in the evening? Do you love getting hugs? Chances are, it’s all because of neuropeptides in your body. 422 more words

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5 Tips to help you progress in labor

Did you ever begin having contractions, pack your bag, call your parents, get all prepared and psyched up for this birth only to discover that after a few hours the contractions just… 580 more words

Labor And Birth

Laughter in Labour

I so love the idea of this, what a fantastic way to give birth. Just linking birth to joy and laughter, instead of pain and intense fear is a start, giving women the chance to really enjoy their labours and bring their babies into the world in a massive rush of oxytocin has to be a good thing! 863 more words