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How Wonder Woman can help you fly through the holidays with ease and joy

“I had to stop watching the news. It was making my own problems seem insignificant.” –Cartoon I just saw in the New Yorker

It’s a long story, but many years ago I met Lynda Carter at Chris Evert’s wedding. 543 more words

The Mind Is What The Brain Does - a poem by Kate Rauner

Receptors iontropic,
Neurotransmitter release,
Epigenics of the brain,
Study shows us these.
Endorphines, oxytocin
And no-re-pin-e-phrine
Is the ink our brain writes with
Along with dopamine. 106 more words


Happiness Principle-1 an essay

What is pleasure ? In Wordsworth’s poem we read that it is a series of sensations affecting the heart to create a certain state of being. 349 more words

Benny Thomas

Hugs: Four Reasons To Give More Of Them To Improve Your Health

When was the last time that you gave someone a really good hug? When was the last time that someone else gave you a really good hug?


Full of Questions

My last two births did not go as the mommas had planned.  In fact, both ended in c-sections and I can safely say that was the furthest from both of their minds.   1,029 more words


Sexy Saturday: Sex, Love and Chemistry (the actual science kind)

If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie or read a really bad YA novel, then you’ll know that having sex with someone will definitely for sure make you love them forever and ever until you die. 450 more words


Weekly Neuroscience Update

A new study shows the interdependency between the structure and function of neurons.

Neuroscientists have discovered an unexpected benefit of getting older – a more nuanced understanding of social signals, such as the age of others. 432 more words

Weekly Round-Up