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Endangered Species Quote

“Hers was an evil-sounding chuckle that Anna loved. The sort of chortle Dorothy might have heard shortly before all hell broke loose in the land of Oz.” – from Endangered Species by Nevada Barr



The art of the Long Lunch is something that Melbourne residents have been mastering for a long time (no shade to New Yorkers who love a 5-hour brunch). 553 more words


Getting Started

Hi! So, I’m starting this blog off a week before I get my manic flights to Australia (I’ll tell you about that later), and I can tell you that I am incredibly nervous/excited/anxious to go! 94 more words


In Memoriam: Character Death's I'm Still Not Over

(A pretty big and obvious SPOILER WARNING applies)

Over the years television has become bolder, brasher.  Bold moves such as huge plot changing twists often include deaths of beloved characters. 2,591 more words

#KOTW The Trouble with Templeton

Estos aussies andan dando vueltas hace un par de años… y el año pasado sacaron nuevo disco. Y este año se lo remixaron. Asi que nada, escuchalos, tan buenos.


Dr. Oz's 3-Day Cleanse

If you’ve never done a cleanse before, bless you! I have some friends who seem to be on a new detox or cleanse every time that I talk to them. 324 more words