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October 16, 1869: One More Giant for Mankind

In 1869, George Hull, a New York tobacconist, and his cousin, William Newell, a farmer, hired two men to dig a well on Newell’s farm. As they were digging, one of the men suddenly shouted: “I declare, some old Indian has been buried here!” ‘I declare’ is a tad short of ‘Eureka!’ but it got the point across; what the two men had discovered was, according to Hull, a perfectly preserved ten-foot-plus petrified giant. 340 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

The Pain and Swelling of Hemorrhoid Tissue (and a host of other acquired clichés)

Like it or not, we all become part of that hackneyed, commercial society that exists seemingly at the behest of this franchise or that corporation.  In a severe case of the tail wagging the dog, most times it seems like we do so solely for their consumption rather than vice-versa. 536 more words

Life And Society

What Happened on September 1st - P.T. Barnum Brings Jenny Lind to New York

Known for a more coarser form of entertainment such as a circus, Siamese twins and various human oddities such as “Zip the Pinhead” and “Man-monkey”, P.T. 486 more words