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Monologist Mike Daisey Puts Genius to the Test at Joe’s Pub

The title of the Mike Daisey’s ambitious new set of live story-telling events, Great Men of Genius, evokes a midcentury biography series for teenaged boys. But his actual subjects, one on each evening spread out over the next few weeks at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, veer off, oh, just a tad. 526 more words

Mermaids and Men of Mystery; Here Curiosities Reside

Vermont’s hills seem to be a beacon in the smog for the offbeat, things that don’t quite fit into a world obsessed with categorization. For some reason, we offer ideal real estate appeal for people of mystery and fantastical artifacts to come and dwell, sometimes going undetected. 1,770 more words


A Sucker Born Every Minute

After living a year without God, Ryan Bell, a former Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor, recently confirmed that he no longer believed in the existence of God. 911 more words

New Year, New Circus (Xtreme)

We went to the circus. It was cool. It was not how I remembered it from the 1970s, but that’s not a bad thing. Change is good, even — or especially — when it comes to time-honored institutions like the Greatest Show on Earth. 604 more words

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How Do U.S. Voters Differ From Pet Rats And 12 Year Old Girls?

Twelve year old twin daughters of a family with whom we are acquainted have pursued strenuously the acquisition of pet rats, one for each twin. The approach of Christmas accelerated the putsch into semi-Panzer attack mode; their parents, conditioned to the latest in parenting, acquiesced. 617 more words


A Little about Little

I love watching midgets. Ever since I was a kid I loved watching midgets. You know, with four wheels. Four wheel racing was and still is very popular in Indiana, my birth state. 454 more words