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A Little about Little

I love watching midgets. Ever since I was a kid I loved watching midgets. You know, with four wheels. Four wheel racing was and still is very popular in Indiana, my birth state. 454 more words

Could I go back in history to take a selfie . . .

Could I go back in history to take a selfie, I

Wouldn’t want to waste a shot with any old small fry.

I’d get a shot with Mark Twain puffing on his corn cob pipe; 95 more words


Real-Life Rocky In Russia

Russia: Check out Mickey Rourke gearing up for his return to the ring

In the 2006 movie, Rocky Balboa, the aging “Italian Stallion” returns once more to the boxing ring and manages to “go the distance.” Sylvester Stallone, who stars as the Philadelphia boxer, explained to controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh that he wanted to show in part that one’s age need not be a totally limiting factor. 768 more words

The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life Partners in the Universe

Confession time: I write romantic comedies for a living, and I do not believe in The One.

Before anyone takes away my pen and paper, let me clarify – this is not a Nicholas Sparks situation where my cynical outlook toward humanity and borderline-misogynist opinion of women drives me to churn out one crassly formulaic story after another. 976 more words


A girl in trouble

Gif is pronounced like gift sans t.

“No taxation without representation” implies “no representation without taxation.”

Prince quit twitter when he reached 143,999 followers.

The “prosperity gospel” carries on the long tradition of hucksterism (raised to an art form by P T Barnum). 12 more words


A Sucker Born Every Minute

It occurred to me recently that the phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute” could apply to gardening.

After the leaves have fallen is a good time to prune. 279 more words

Shrubs And Small Trees

It's The Brooklyn Bridge!

“I’m the Brooklyn Bridge.  You think you can take me?  You wanna piece of me, hah?  Let’s go! You and me! Right now!” – Joe Pesci… 273 more words

New York City