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Whenever I wear these pleather leggings all I can think about is that one scene from Gossip Girl where Blair is yelling at some poor girl “leggings are not pants.” She’s right, they arent but I have two pairs *hand motion* and I love them. 480 more words

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Easy Fall Dresses

Fall is officially in full swing and many of us are starting to (if not done already) put away those summer essentials and sort through our fall/winter storage containers full of clothes. 290 more words



I love mixing different textures together. For this look I played with mesh, leather, and metallics. The look is quite simple, but the details are what keeps it interesting. 105 more words


Feelin' 22!

Happy 22nd Birthday to my amazing, handsome and brilliant boyfriend James! Today, he’s the feature on my blog :) Usually he’s behind the scenes, working on computers or solving math problems of some sort and he doesn’t get in front of the camera often. 54 more words


The Jenner Girls - Triple Threat!

We all know that in order to be considered a triple threat you must have the complete package! Brains, beauty and most importantly swag in the fashion world at least, in which Kris Jenner comes immediately in mind but the article isn’t about her not the Kardashian Empire she built with her older daughters Kloe, Kim… 198 more words


Two Outfits One Love

I am always looking on how to dress up my wardrobe without spending a ton of money. I love when you have an outfit that you can simplistically make into two. 106 more words

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Mall Phobia

Having a daughter is one of life’s great joys until, you are forced, against your will, to take her clothes shopping at the mall. I, naive fool that I am, thought that I gotten through the worst of it. 966 more words