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Sometimes I wish I had emotions

When it comes to the point in the night when you’re trying to get the hot bouncers number, it’s probably time to go home.

Last night in typical Tuesday fashion I headed down to PB with my friends. 61 more words

Pacific Beach Community Ecosystem

The small businesses here in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach help make our community unique.

Chris Brogan is a great resource for entrepreneurial advice.  I highly recommend signing up for his weekly newsletter – it is one of the few emails I look forward to in my inbox.   85 more words

Urban Landscape Design

Random finds #1

Eigentlich wollte ich euch schon seit längerem Oceanside vorstellen, einen Ort, der etwa 30-40 Minuten nördlich von San Diego liegt. Da in den letzten Tagen aber leider das Wetter öfters wechselhaft und bewölkt war, bin ich dazu bisher noch nicht gekommen… Daher möchte ich die Zeit bis zu diesem Blog-Post mit ein paar Bildern überbrücken, die ich in den vergangenen Wochen – teilweise bewusst, teilweise durch Zufall – gemacht habe, und die bisher zu keinem anderen Beitrag passten. 111 more words

it feels like we're coming of age

As my time in San Diego winds down (less than a month to go before I hit the big city), I keep getting more and more signs that it is time. 527 more words

The Ice Cream Sandwich: A Work of Art

The Baked Bear
Pacific Beach, CA

   It’s hot. And I have ice cream on the brain. Specifically- ice cream sandwiches. Yesterday Brady and I ran along the bay, then went to our favorite place for taco Tuesday—World Famous (World Famous shout-outs are becoming a regular occurrence in my posts these days). 334 more words

San Diego

San Diego's Newest Happy Hour At The Patio On Lamont Street Pacific Beach

When farm to table restaurants come to town, Pacific Beach that is, Garden Eats gets excited. There’s no greater joy than kicking back to order off of a menu where the chef has taken great care to source ingredients locally and sustainably. 782 more words

Garden Eats Food N Drink