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Circle the Wagons

Kung Fu Circle Jerk


It was only a week ago that Craig (It’s Not My Fault) MacTavish called a press conference to announce that the team was going to stay the course and that he, and the players, had full confidence in Dallas Eakins. 1,296 more words

The Calgary Flames Rebuild

I think it’s fair to say the Flames’ rebuild started, officially, with the trade of Jarome Iginla to Pittsburgh at the trade deadline in 2013…or less than 2 years ago. 1,055 more words

Underlying Numbers

*** Just thought I would do an update on this post since long time Lowetide blogger Woodguy has done a little digging into the Oilers underlying numbers now that they are facing tougher WC opponents. 695 more words

Drinking From a Firehose

Well, he had to say something I suppose.

Craig MacTavish called a news conference for Friday morning to reveal…nothing.

If you missed the live event, Bruce McCurdy of the Edmonton Journal has an… 1,370 more words

Hockey Notes

1) As of this morning, 5 of the 7 Canadian teams in the NHL¬†are in a playoff position…except for Ottawa and the team that is dead last in the NHL. 1,092 more words

Top 100 NHL Forwards

ESPN has published it’s list of the top 100 forwards in the NHL.

Now, there are those who will deride the ability of ESPN, the American sports network to gauge, the quality of NHL players considering they give short shrift to the league on air. 385 more words

The Calgary Flames

I’m old.

Very old.

I grew up in a time when there was only the “Original 6″ in the NHL which isn’t actually accurate but makes a point. 290 more words