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From PNNL: "Birth of a mineral"


September 04, 2014
Mary Beckman, PNNL, (509) 375-3688

One of the most important molecules on earth, calcium carbonate crystallizes into chalk, shells and minerals the world over. 972 more words

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3 Little Newslets #2

#1 –  3D Printing in Space

Despite still being a recently developed technology, NASA is sending 3D printers into space.

Scheduled to launch among cargo for a resupply mission, the printer will head out for the… 382 more words

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From PNNL Lab: "Playing Twenty Questions with Molecules at Plasmonic Junctions"


August 2014
Toward engineering ultrasensitive probes of nanoscale physical and chemical processes

Results: Sometimes, it seems as if molecules struggle to communicate with scientists. 522 more words

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From PNNL Lab: "Mapping Molecules in the Human Lung"


July 2014
Molecular atlas could reduce mortality in premature infants caused by undeveloped lungs

A team of investigators at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will perform an unprecedented, systematic study, mapping the molecular components of normal lung development during late term and early childhood. 599 more words

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Gold Nano-Clusters: Tiny Building Blocks for Chemical Sensors, Energy Conversion & Storage

By colliding ultra-small gold particles with a surface and analyzing the resulting fragments, a trio of scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory discovered how and why the particles break. 763 more words

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