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Weekend Viewer's Guide

To be blunt, this is not a very inspiring weekend, particularly in the realm of creature features.  We still have the kitchen favorites book ending the weekend to keep us satisfied, but Saturday you’re really going to need to get creative.  777 more words

Kitchen Nightmares

From the painting desk #25 - Kaiju hunting

The first mini I’ve finished in a long, long time is a CAV mech, Spitfire, from Reaper Miniatures. My painting skills and patience had rusted a bit, but the end result is still reasonable. 144 more words


NECA 7" Coyote Tango

Coyote Tango, the Japanese Jaeger featured in merely a flashback in Pacific Rim. This marks NECA’s third new Jaeger mold for the 7″ figure series, and is part of their third wave. 1,328 more words


Pacific Rim - A Slow Burn

I didn’t see Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro, when it came out last summer. I had wanted to. I had planned to. Giant robots and even gigantic monsters! 578 more words


My Favorite Movie: Pacific Rim

by Javy, 4th grade

The best movie of all time is Pacific Rim. First, I like it because it’s about giant robots fighting giant monsters. 411 more words


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Looking for an action-packed movie? Check out this passionate review written by a fourth grader. Yes, elementary school kids can write essays too!

México a uno de los metales

La mejor representante mexicana en el Pacific Rim que se realizó en Richmond, Canadá fue la tamaulipeca Edna García representante juvenil de la gimnasia rítmica. 430 more words


Way to Go, President Obama!

Because what America needs more than anything else right now is an expansion of its open-ended (and 70-year-old) “security” guarantee to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the Pacific Rim except, and versus, China: 110 more words