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Christians and Self-Defense

Ever since Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Mount, Christians have been at odds on anything concerning violence and self-defense. Christ seems to overturn the law written in Deut 21:24 demanding an “eye for an eye” or a “tooth for a tooth” and replace it with his own command to “turn the other cheek” (Matt 5:39). 857 more words


The Hypocritical Pacifist: A Follow-Up

I knew that the post I published yesterday might generate some reaction from those who enjoy arguing about issues like this. I did not wish to engage in arguments of that sort, so I did not include a comments section following the post itself. 1,150 more words


The Honest Confession of a Hypocritical Pacifist

I am a pacifist. I don’t say that very often. I am annoying in so many other ways that I try to avoid making an issue of my convictions in this area lest I provide people with… 1,229 more words


Little Pollyanna Me

There are times if there is something wrong with me, if who I am is so out of synch with the rest of the world that I don’t even begin to fit. 782 more words

What I'm Thinking About

Christians: Say no to Obama's Crusade against ISIS

You heard the President’s speech about “ISIL” or “ISIS” or whatever they call them next (you don’t want to offend the terrorists by calling them by the wrong name). 1,452 more words


Group of Christian Leaders Rally Against U.S. Action on ISIS

Some of the organizations have a history of willful blindness to the Islamist ideology and have allied with American Islamists with extremist histories.

By Ryan Mauro: 356 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Mapping the First World War, Map of the Southern Slav Territory 1915

One of the first items I’ve come across that really caught my eye since starting to catalogue the Mitrinović archive is a fascinating map of the Balkans. 339 more words