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Karen Armstrong on War and Religion

tomorrow morning (monday 29th), 9.00-9.45am, on bbc radio 4 (shortened repeat at 9.30 in the  evening)
karen armstrong on war and religion (in the start the week series) (jewish or israeli content unknown) 103 more words

On Forfeiting the Right to Life

In discussing pacifism and just war recently, the argument has come up several times that some violence is acceptable or morally just because the recipients of this violence (in this case, ISIS) have forfeited their right to life. 2,310 more words


One of the oppressed

One of the oppressed

This house is so full of cups!
I never knew that every corner of this cuisine-
Claudette had washed each
cup, glass and dish… 625 more words


Iraq, 38 Degrees and everyday militarism

One sign of the impact of militarism is the number of progressively minded people who express a belief in peace but support war once it is proposed. 625 more words


Let’s Talk ISIS Into Peace

Islamic jihadists have reshaped Mideast geography by force, created their own Islamic Nation, beheaded foreigners and fellow Muslims, and vow to create a worldwide caliphate prescribing sharia law to serve their god: Allah. 410 more words

Ideas that add up #97

The peace agenda of Russell and his followers was always based on the assumption that war is simply a euphemism for the madness of state-sponsored mass murder, and that we could prevent it by standing up for moral and political sanity – by committing ourselves to global justice and the relief of poverty, for instance, or social and sexual equality, or common ownership, or world government, or a Lawrentian explosion of creativity and sex. 252 more words

Political Science

Pacifism, Appeasement, and Doing the Right Thing

In my last post, I examined Michael Walzer’s treatment of the Problem of Dirty Hands with regards to how it works for soldiers.  In this post I want to examine some points in  Suzanne Dovi’s criticism of Walzer’s treatment. 1,027 more words

Dirty Hands