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Theology Without Witness?

In a November 4th panel at Duke Divinity School, well-known pacifists Richard Hays, Stanley Hauerwas, and Amy Laura Hall reflected on war, violence, and a Christian alternative they preferred to call nonviolent “commitment” (Hauerwas) or “reconciliation.” (Hays) You can watch… 1,131 more words

Aberdeen University Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (1959 - current)

CND was founded nationally in 1957 with Scottish CND founded in 1958. CND has always drawn on a varied membership ranging from Christian pacifists, moderate Labour through to the Communist Party and more radical groups such as anarchists. 141 more words


Journal Entry: Values

Recently, Max and I had a conversation about values. I told him that I have been thinking recently about values as defined by where we put our energy, or what we put our energy into. 674 more words


Exeter students reject arguments in favour of World War One

I had the privilege last week of speaking at Exeter University Debating Society, opposing the motion that “This house believes that World War One was a great British victory.” I am pleased to say that those present voted against the motion by seventy votes to forty. 1,125 more words



T.H. White, born in Bombay, British India in 1906, spent his adolescence in a post-Great War British Empire. The First World War was truly unique for a number of reasons. 623 more words

Declaring War on War

During the first five years of drone operations in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, more than 2,400 people have died, and according to the most reliable… 437 more words

Civilian Casualties

The Qualities of a Good Military Man

A good commander not only does not need genius or any special qualities, but, on the contrary, he needs the absence of the best and highest human qualities – love, poetry, tenderness, a searching philosophical doubt.

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