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Non-Violence by Mark Kurlansky

To put it mildly, I have spent considerable time researching and thinking about nonviolence, in terms of its history and even more so its philosophy. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, I delved deeply into the subject and wrote a great deal about it, attempting to articulate the moral philosophical underpinnings of nonviolence (never with more than mixed success, at least based on the reactions of my professors, who were more puzzled or bemused than anything at my choice of “specializing” in something so far from the mainstream of academic philosophy). 1,274 more words


Protest songs, protest letters

Bush is no longer a president, but this song is still powerful. Young said he read an article about the war in Iraq and started to sob, soon he wrote “Living with War”, not the most mellow protest album out there. 775 more words


More Annoying French-Canadian Tourists

Lorrie Moore, Who Will Run the Frog Hospital? (1994)

I read this novel because, years ago, I saw a woman reading it on the subway and I was intrigued by the title. 1,667 more words


Christians at War: Retrospect and Prospect

It’s been a busy fall, too busy to permit for much Bethel at War blogging past sharing my reminiscences of 9/11/01 on 9/11/14. But as the Bethel of 2014 settles down for a few weeks, I’m ready to get back to the Bethel of 1917-18 and 1941-45. 1,502 more words

World War I

Paul’s antidote to empire

Ted Grimsrud

Sermon preached at Shalom Mennonite Congregation—October 12, 2014—Romans 1:1-17

One of the arguments I have had with several of my friends over the years concerns the writings of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament. 2,920 more words


Jesus: My Kingdom is not of this World

Jesus: My Kingdom is not of this World

By  Georead

About two millennia ago Jesus lived amid the politically charged atmosphere of Galilee and Judea. Ruling over the Jews in this region were hated Roman masters. 1,145 more words


Big White Face: Hacking War Songs

<p><a href=” White Face</a> from <a href=” Tesanovic</a> on <a href=”;.</p>