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Is there any value in being a pacifist in a world apparently obsessed by war?  I often wonder this myself as I watch and listen to the news, particularly considering what’s going on in the Middle East right now. 553 more words

Death Penalty

[1 October 2014] God's Message - Compassion

God‘s message to humanity:

I have compassion for all living things.
There is no other way to obtain true peace: A loving person has compassion for another one.
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God's Messages

You Will

You try to be a pacifist
But sometimes evil can preside
Until the need to take some action
Creates a moral override

Sometimes war is the answer… 147 more words


The 'Pacifist' Heroes: Saving Without Killing

For anyone who doesn’t know the above characters, Vash and Kenshin are from anime.  Vash is a skilled gunsman and Kenshin is a deadly samurai from the Meji Era.  797 more words


Jon Stewart Rips ‘Mom-Jeans-Wearing, Socialist, Muslim, Dictator, Tyrant, Pacifist’ Obama on ISIS

“Barack Obama broke out his ‘I killed Osama’ strut… Our mom-jeans-wearing, socialist, Muslim, dictator, tyrant, pacifist went full ‘America, f**k yeah!’” -Jon Stewart

I NEVER… 23 more words

Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day was a social activist and journalist who worked through the Catholic church for change. After a rather wild early life, Dorothy became very involved with the Catholic church, especially with its relief efforts. 408 more words

Women's Rights