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[1 October 2014] God's Message - Compassion

God‘s message to humanity:

I have compassion for all living things.
There is no other way to obtain true peace: A loving person has compassion for another one.
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God's Messages

You Will

You try to be a pacifist
But sometimes evil can preside
Until the need to take some action
Creates a moral override

Sometimes war is the answer… 147 more words


The 'Pacifist' Heroes: Saving Without Killing

For anyone who doesn’t know the above characters, Vash and Kenshin are from anime.  Vash is a skilled gunsman and Kenshin is a deadly samurai from the Meji Era.  797 more words


Jon Stewart Rips ‘Mom-Jeans-Wearing, Socialist, Muslim, Dictator, Tyrant, Pacifist’ Obama on ISIS

“Barack Obama broke out his ‘I killed Osama’ strut… Our mom-jeans-wearing, socialist, Muslim, dictator, tyrant, pacifist went full ‘America, f**k yeah!’” -Jon Stewart

I NEVER… 23 more words

Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day was a social activist and journalist who worked through the Catholic church for change. After a rather wild early life, Dorothy became very involved with the Catholic church, especially with its relief efforts. 408 more words

Women's Rights

After the Nivelle Offensive

He waited for an hour.  His head mostly bowed, cold hands flexing on the worm-eaten table, he felt the seconds hammer by.  Executions were staged at dawn, as soon as the first leery hints of daylight made it viable to take aim, and that was the hour he waited for; it was the hour he wanted to shake off and shirk ever having to face. 736 more words

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