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Clothes For A Backpacking Trip


That’s the number 1 rule for backpackers. But, this is a very challenging task especially if the place you’re heading off to has different kinds of leisure activities to choose from. 926 more words

Packing Light for Travel

Are you planning a vacation with the family this spring break?

Several airlines charge extra for heavier luggage and additional pieces; it is important to know good packing techniques that can save you money and make luggage more lightweight. 112 more words

Be Prepared

Packing Light for Your Costa Rica Nature Trip

So you’re heading to Costa Rica and wondering what in the world to pack for a country with so many climates, landscapes and adventures. The question is not just what to pack,but  how to pack light! 918 more words

Costa Rica

LftLG: Packing Light

Public enemy #1: Baggage restrictions.

I need to preface this post by letting you know that I’m absurdly indecisive. Packing lightly goes against my very core. 675 more words