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Peter Rabbit Organics

Living organic isn’t always easy! Chasing an almost two year old along with all the other busy things we all have going on in our lives, these pouches seem to provide convince without having to give up that green lifestyle. 289 more words

Thought Of The Day

Device search in subnet with python script

This script is searching a subnet with ping.It’ll only show devices which respond to ping ( some Windows servers are closed to ping ) and devices that is not closed.You can change it for other classes of subnets. 160 more words


httpry: Pry into your traffic

Network traffic analysis is a bit over my head, and since I generally only have single-user machines in the house, there’s no mystery about who accessed what site. 171 more words


Packet of Emergency Documents

Emergency documents you should have in your packet can include Will, Power of Attorney, insurance policies,etc.
This packet should be directed for named persons to open and administer in case you are taken hostage, have a critical illness or in case of death. 44 more words