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Urgent Import Regulations: Regarding Importing Cars from Japan to Mozambique



Used cars imported to Mozambique are shipped to the maritime port of Maputo.  Japan Car Direct will organize the export from Japan up to the port of… 343 more words

November 2014

Study Abroad Ireland Packing List

I searched high and low through the depths of the internet to try to find a packing list for my study abroad time in Ireland, and all I could find were generic lists. 1,055 more words

Study Abroad

My wear-once-and-leave disposable Burmese wardrobe

I written before about why I don’t travel light to a developing country and Burma is a great example.  You can read my original post about this… 793 more words


What To Pack For Summer Camp

Knowing what to pack for any trip is always a bit of a guessing game, but trying to pack for an entire summer, especially when you don’t really know exactly what you’re going to need, is almost impossible. 567 more words

Summer Camp

Packing List: Summer in South Africa

So I am off to South Africa for 6 weeks! The first of many African countries I plan to visit in the next few years. So what am I packing in my backpack? 367 more words


The Ultimate Cub Scout Campout Packing List

Ok, I have so many things rolling around in my head that it just has to come out somewhere. I have lists, and tips up the wazoo, so I figured I’d start sharing them. 655 more words

What I packed (V)

Paperwork and identification

  • Passport
  • Driver license
  • Yellow fever vaccination certification
  • Photocopies of identification




  • 1 x Firefly snowboarding jacket