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Packing List

In an attempt to be a lot more prepared this time (I packed the day before last time), I have started a serious packing list. Any comments or suggestions are encouraged. 210 more words

7 things you should NOT pack for long-term travel

21 days to go and I’m already packed. I am ready to get out of here! Winter wonderland though it may be, cabin fever hits hard in less than 24 hours. 1,583 more words


The must-bring-things

Saya yakin, seberapa seringnya kamu traveling, pasti ada beberapa jenis barang yang tidak boleh ketinggalan. Beberapa jenis barang yang kalau ketinggalan bisa langsung bikin panik atau malah bisa menurunkan semangat traveling. 1,034 more words

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The Art of Packing Part I - we are getting there

I’ve always been quite a light packer, and Mr P… he has a way of cramming an eye-watering amount of clothes into the tiniest space imaginable. 557 more words


My Go-To, Long-Term, All Carry-On Travel Packing List (for Women)

The number one piece of advice my friends, family, and readers ask me for when they are planning a trip is how I pack so lightly – or how I travel for so long with so little. 1,491 more words

Packing Tips

Shoes, shoes and more shoes?

So we have been busily looking all over the internet for the definitive guide on what to bring travelling. There are so many good sites out there.  400 more words


I Should Be Packing

I think my life consists of a lot of ‘I Should’ but my could-win-awards levels of laziness means that it either doesn’t get done or it’s done last minute. 420 more words