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Preparing for Departure

I’m in Albuquerque until Wednesday, and then Portland until Thursday. So tomorrow night is my last night in a house with my family (as opposed to a hotel). 394 more words


Prep and Packing.

As first time long term travellers, one of the things I was most concerned about was the dreaded packing list. I’d trawled through numerous blogs, chatted with friends currently on their own trips (thanks Power girls and Erica – I appreciate it!), and came up with a packing list. 338 more words


Packing List - Singapore

My planned trip to Singers has come around very quickly, and as I’ve mentioned in another post I’ve booked a seat only ticket. I’ve done carry-on only before, but this time I’m doing my best to exercise ninja-like light packing skills. 279 more words


Travelling light

The post I had in mind when I started this blog was about travelling light.

In preparation for this year of travel I found myself poring over online packing lists in the same obsessive way that I used to daydream about the interior layouts of the boats pictured in my father’s sailing magazines. 660 more words

Blogging 101

Packing List: Multi Purpose Toiletries

Okay so this is probably my favourite part of packing, as I am a  tad obsessed with skin care cosmetics this was probably the most challenging and enjoyable part of packing.I try really hard to only pack the necessities and keep everything compact as possible. 314 more words


6 Months of Knowledge

As of tomorrow I will have been in Indo-china for 6 total months. Many people have talked about how the time has flown by, the days themselves are long yes, but the total time has wizzed by. 2,679 more words


First Time Backpackers One-Night Packing List

One of the greatest things about living in Seattle is our proximity to beautiful mountain trails! Within just an hours distance, we can find hikes of all distances and difficulty levels. 410 more words